The band now known as Digital Homicide was started by two friends that after playing Rock Band decided they could do this for real. Calling upon a cousin and a friend to fill the guitar and bass roles music started flowing. Practicing out of the basement of a maintenance garage the songs and sound started to take shape. There was another guitarist added in there, but he didn’t stick around. It wasn’t until 2012 that the band Digital Homicide as it is known today began to take shape. A lead guitarist was added and shortly after another rhythm guitarist was added making Digital Homicide a six piece, which is unusual unless you are Slipknot.

As time passed everything was sounding better and better and Digital Homicide started playing shows at small bars such as the Red Sea. In the Spring of 2014 Digital Homicide had a small setback with their current drummer deciding to move on to pursue a bright career. Before leaving drum tracks were recorded and the band set out to record an EP, which was successfully completed. A friend of the former drummer came in to take his place and Digital Homicide was whole again and was now a complete product. Digital Homicide is thriving today recently entering the 93X Rising Rockers Battle of the Bands and moving on to the finals. The rest is still in the future.