In Defence has been hitting the road since 2006. Starting as a hardcore band, In Defence incorporated wicked fast riffs with a satirical message. The early days brought the mantra 'Call More Dudes' to the basements across America. Calling for social change and bringing together Dudes of all shapes and sizes - no matter your gender, sexual preference, or dietary habits.

Later, In Defence kept that same tongue in cheek delivery and coupled it with ripping thrash riffs. Once In Defence was gaining some attention, it became clear that people needed to be taught proper mosh etiquette, and 'Don't Call Me A Moshist' was born. 'Fuck That Shit, Let's Circle Pit' was the new message for the kids. Then, In Defence started to raise issues that didn't seem to make much sense: moshing in a circle and tacos instead if pizza. Maybe the fact that In Defence had people debating such meaningless topics was the joke itself. It's hard to say.

Have you ever seen a room full of punks yell 'The Police Are Fucking Rad'? In Defence has. Have you ever pissed off black metal fans by confusing them with Juggalo's? In Defence did. And they did it all while praising Rob Halford. Praising him not only for being in one of the greatest bands ever, but for being out while doing it - especially during a time when Nu Metal was all the "rage".

Nowadays, In Defence still keeps the van in motion. Crossing the US multiple times a year, In Defence has toured/shared the stage with bands such as: The Casualties, MDC, Toxic Holocaust, DRI, Cro-mags, Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch, Danzig, plus many, many more.