Daughters of the Sun formed and started playing shows in the Fall of 2005 (with an original lineup that included Chris Rose of Vampire Hands on guitar). The band has played the Twin Cities and Midwest since their formation and have recorded a number of albums. The band honed their recordings in their Twin Cites practice space, but thier Eastern psychadelic/shoegazer sound can be attributed to members time spent living in India. This is documented in live field recording on their Rings LP. The band summons the mystique and instrumentation of the world's oldest music balanced against the spiritual limits and possibilities of technological sound. They were named one of The Onion-A.V. Club’s Worst Band Names of ’06.

Nick (Guitar / bass / Vocals)  ::  Bennett (Drums / Percussion)  ::  Cole (Noise / Keys / Percussion)


"During all-night ceremonies, we drank bitter cups of ayahuasca and lay back in our hammocks. We listened to the songs, the icaros, that the old shamans called out to the 'heavenly people,' the spirits, whom we could see as flickering phantasmal forms while under the influence of their medicine. The rituals seemed to weave subtle worlds into being, carrying us into a magical reality. According to Don Caesario, the lead shaman, in the past, when the tribe had been larger and more unified, at the end of an all-night ceremony he would occasionally find a unknown seed or sapling in the palm of his hand. This would blossom into a new medicinal plant the tribe needed-a gift from the spirits. Of course, I assumed this was fable or fantasy." [Daniel Pinchbeck]