In 2005 Danimal Cannon started his musical journey with the band Armcannon. After meeting Chris Dlugosz, Mike Willard, and Dave Bachowski at the University of Buffalo, they decided to unite their musical talents to form the band Armcannon. Since 2005 Armcannon has been remixing music from videogames, TV shows, and movies. In 2007 they released their first album, Legvacuum. Danimal Cannon engineered mixed and mastered this record using the skills he developed competing in the Dwelling of Duels competition.

In 2008 point Dan started playing bass guitar with Mike Willard in a side project called Weaponex. Weaponex is a fusion influenced progressive metal project. In 2009, Danimal played his first show with the band Metroid Metal. Dan had been a longtime fan of Stemage’s work, and was contacted to perform live versions of his songs as a one off gig at MAGfest 7. The show was extremely successful, and a one-time gig turned into a part time band. Metroid Metal continues to perform today. Also in 2009, Armcannon began recording their second album, Armcannon 2. The album was tracked and engineered at Watchmen Studios but Danimal took the helm to mix and master the record.

Metroid Metal Live also recorded an album in 2009 entitled Varia Suite, Danimal helped master that record. A follow up called Expansion Pack was released in 2010, although that one was mastered only by Stemage himself. After performing at MAGfest and PAX several times, Danimal Cannon began to gain an interest in the live chiptune scene. Specifically, he fell in love with the sound of the Gameboy. He performed his first show at MAGfest 9 in early 2011, and embarked on his first tour with The Oneups, Random Encounter, and Brentalfloss during that summer. In order to have something to sell while on the road, he created the tour-exclusive CD The Power Cosmic. The CD contains early versions of 5 chiptunes as well as 5 videogame remixes from his Dwelling of Duels days.

At the end of 2011, he finally released his chiptune full length album entitled Roots. The record has been a critical success and has led to him performing at various festivals around North America, including Blipfest 2012 in New York City. During the summer of 2012 he toured The Protomen and Powerglove, and has also given panels about chiptunes at PAX East and PAX Prime. Currently Danimal is working on a collaborative album with the chiptune artist Zef, as well as the third Armcannon record. He is also working on the soundtracks of various videogames, coming to a platform near you. Stay tuned folks.