Daniel & The Real Feels is "a project that combines the cosmic sounds of Bowie with the gritty, down-to-earth feel of the Stones and the intimate live energy of the Kinks." [l'etoile magazine]

"I came to the Daniel show after much urging from some friends. My first thought was who do these people think they are? When the stage lights came on and the music started, I found myself in love with what they were doing. This is a group of 4 talented songwriters (Alec Robertson, Dan Olson, Justin Ness, Wade Underwood), a lead guitarist who has been seen with a flying V (Martin Mueller) and a fashionable backup/lead singer with the most original dance moves to come out of MN (Berit Olson). The live show is an experience you don't want to miss, filled with raw energy likened to an early 70s Stones show. The music is inspired by the melodies of the Kinks and Big Star, and the spirit of Gram Parsons. Daniel’s live background includes regional tours with Mark Mallman, the Kitty Kat Club with Night Moves, West Bank’s legendary DIY space Medusa with Marijuana Deathsquads and Dan Deacon (leading Deacon to remark, 'Man! What a voice!'), Northrup Auditorium opening for The Hold Steady and The Living Room in NYC opening for Norah Jones."