Dance with the Dead is a electronic based music duo by Justin Pointer and Tony Kim based out of Orange County, California. Inspired by retrospective movies and music from the '60s, '70s and '80s, their sound reflects heavily on the analog synthesizer sounds, and early heavy metal guitars.

They released their debut record Out of Body on October 31 to great reviews in the synth wave, metal, and EDM communities alike. They quickly followed up with the EP Into the Abyss 4 months later which had a darker mood to it and explode their ability to write orchestral score pieces. August 2014 saw the second full length released titled Near Dark which furthered their pressing stamp on the synth scene with such crossover hits like “Andromeda” and “Invader”.

Going against normal record cycle rules, they released yet another EP release titled Send the Signal in December 2014. They played their first live show in January 2015 in Los Angeles CA, and decided to pursue Dance with the Dead as a live performance act and not just a studio duo. By November 2015, they were headlining shows on their first European tour. February saw the anticipated release of their 3rd full length record, The Shape, with great reception and buzz. By September of 2016 they were headlining shows in France, Belgium, Russia, Talin, Riga, Belarus, and the USA and started to incorporate live guitar in their show. In their live shows and studio recordings they use a hybrid of Soft synths and Hardware.

In January 2017, they released the full length record B-Sides: Volume 1 which compiled some material that was either never officially released by DWTD themselves, or unreleased material written between 2012-2016. As of early 2017 the duo has tours planned USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Russia, Belarus, Riga, Talin, and Scotland. They released their 4th full length, Loved To Death, in August 2018 and will release their follow-up EP, Blackout, in early 2020.