The Customers are an alternative rock and roll band formed in the late ‘90s. Soon after playing shows in and around Los Angeles, one of their basement recordings caught the attention of A&R people at Neil Young’s Vapor Records; they were signed to the label and recorded the power pop album Green Bottle Thursday.

In support of the record they played the festival circuit in Europe, sharing the stage with such bands as Foo Fighters and Soundgarden. They then embarked on a several-month U.S. tour, opening for Ben Folds Five, The Meices, and Iggy Pop. They also appeared on The Conan O’Brien Show. In 2000, singer/songwriter Ryan Sexton and guitarist Sloke re-located to Minneapolis (where Sexton grew up) and recorded the college-friendly EP Severbuddyappy.

The two eventually agreed to put the band on hold while pursuing other interests, reforming years later with the addition of second guitarist Dan Parsons, and a rhythm section of Minneapolis bassist Kent Peterson and Michigan transplant, drummer Jay DeHut. “I’m very happy to be back,” said Sexton of the new lineup and upcoming shows. “It’s been awhile.”