The Crush (CRXSH) (US) born Kamau Ameer Muata (born June 13, 1993) is an American musician, songwriter, producer, and graphic artist. He represents the unheard voices of hip-hop that are begining to grow louder, as the genre it evolves into a new creative experimental age.

(Kam) was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, attended F.A.I.R. Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School with dreams of becoming a visual artist, but went on to graduate from Southwest High School with a passion for music. What began as a hobby during his grade school years evolved into the pursuit of a musical career. His music is a reflection of himself and modern society, intentionally placing himself on the edge in order to illustrate the world as he sees it. As a Gemini, his music often reflects very drastic personality differences as he struggles as a young person in the world finding himself, but relates to his audience on a very personal level from being original, true to oneself, love and life, work, and of course, the music.

Kam is currently enrolled in Minneapolis' Institute Of Production & Recording (IPR) and will graduate fall of 2013 with a Media Arts degree in Audio Production & Engineering. His rapping style is made up of clever wordplay, bold statements, ironic concepts, and smooth deliveries. He has been producing (instrumental & mixing) his own music since 2007, moving from Traxxpad, and Garageband, to Pro Tools, and Logic. Musically, he has been inspired mainly by who he grew up listening too, along with the wide range of music his parents exposed him to as a child. His main influences consist of; Kanye West, Radiohead, Portishead, Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z, Rockie Fresh, Tory Lanez, Pharrell, Little Dragon, and many more...

He is currently in the final stages of completing his debut EP, and has withheld much of the information surrounding it. It has yet to aquire a release date, but should be expected in the beginning of September. It has been confirmed that many talented local artists such as; Mac Irv, Dos Edwards, Money B (Miles Brice), Nizzy Nate Millyunz, P-Nut The Artist, and possibly Salv from Duet Supreme will be featured on it.