Crisis Line is a band from Minneapolis, the bastard child of Drew Herder and Alex Proctor.


"In the over-the-top tradition of the Pooh Sticks, Junior Senior and countless other too-smart-to-be-too-popular pop acts, Crisis Line create instantly accessible tracks that draw from '70s arena rock, '80s new wave, '90s hip-hop and whatever other genres they feel like plundering." [Pioneer Press, 2009]

"Fans of unapologetic dance pop engineered to compel foot tapping, head bobbing and hand clapping (among other body part wriggling), are going to love Crisis Line’s materials. Drew Herder and Alex Proctor play off each other’s hooks with drum machine, synths and vocals — both harmonized, layered and proud falsetto in the mix." [Perfect Porridge, 2012]