All she has ever wanted is to stand and sing for people. Her bells and whistles are her scorching lyrics and searing vocal delivery. Her vibe is older than old school and as fresh as the new world for women of all ages, shapes, colors. Rock Gospel. Take the medicine she administers and free your soul. Eight studio albums of original true to the heart songs that bypass all falseness, all pretense.

On electric or acoustic guitar, with a full band or solo, this powerful woman will rule the day. Her backstory is mythic, escaping from an insane family situation in Chicago to the Northwoods of Minnesota where she obsessed at seventeen over the recordings of Bob Dylan in a deserted cabin, all alone. A second escape from an early marriage to her lead guitarist. Many songs written, sung in coffee shops and working class bars for years. One more grand escape, leaving the man in her life who said she was too old to have a career in music and that she was making a fool of herself to try.

Many albums recorded, three children raised. With a promise on her lips and a dream in her eye since she wrote and performed her first song at a big church in Chicago when she was ten years old, she’s making good on her dream, a dream that encompasses fifty years of the Great American Songbook, a dream that gives hope and inspiration to all who yearn for personal freedom. Currently touring internationally, releasing new recordings, and writing a series of novels based on her own struggle and redemption.