My name says it all..Im too cool for my own Too Coo Evans was born and raised on the southside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.Dub block bang bang ya'll kno what it is. Growing up in the Murda ap you're exposed to alot at young age..Evein though I was the class clown I was more mature then most of my peers.I was preached on about the negatives of life so much that a light was never shed on the positives in life.Today as a man, a father I know what life is about.Its a struggle to live and die.Its what one does in between that matters.

My motivation is to get better in every aspect of me.I expect to learn alot and teach even more as I explore this journey called life.I see music as a soul expression.Its just that feeling you get when you hear something you can relate to.It can change your mood or your life.This is why I started to make music.I know the struggles of and everyday man and woman from Minnesota.I also know the successes of the everyday woman and man.I represent that man who refuses to lay down and let the negatives in life bring him down.whether its working three jobs to survive or raping the block for every cent u can get to put yourself in a better situation.i feel that, I know that. If you wanna make it, you can.I am perseverance.I am the voice of every man caught in an difficult situation.With the help of my cousin/mentor Kidd Cane (founder of X-Fac ENT) I can express how it feels to go through all of these thoughts, and feelings.Every man has a purpose, and I believe I found mines.It took a while but it came.If you like feel good music that thug ish or jus something that makes you think..Then you will love what I have to offer..