The Controversial New 'Skinny Pill' is in Minneapolis and does non-drowsy, hypnagogic, psychic bedroom social pop. Utilizing lofi straight-to-tape recording strategies, band lead Skyler Nowinski (Rupert Angeleyes, Loud Sun) creates warm and woozy, wah-wah drenched, relentlessly rhythmic party songs and weirdo pop grooves joined by Mariel Olivera (XOXOTech, IE) on synths, Dan Dukich (Daniel Bonespur) on bass, and Alana Horton (Tony Peachka, Bella Yaga) on drums.

Traffic and Weather, out on February 9, 2018, is the newest album from the band. Designed with an intention to create the listening experience of tuning into a cross-dimensional radio station, the album travels through different pop, funk, disco and dance landscapes, touching on subjects like tracking and celebrating personal growth (New Becominings), taking care of a houseplant (Frond Memories), hearing hard truths from friends (Turn of Events) a dance that kills you through nauseating synth grooves (Slinking Thusly), and pretending not to be hurt when you get dumped (I Can’t Freakin Wait).