Controllar is an American/Israeli electronic rock trio based in Amsterdam. Lead by Anat Spiegel's unconventional vocals, Controllar's music evokes shards of electro-noise swallowed by punk beats. The band members are punk drummer brother Gur Spiegel, computer wizard bassist Thomas Myrmel, and vocal artist guitarist sister Anat Spiegel. The wicked tapestry of art pop, psycho-rock and punk forms the extension of Anat's wild and uncompromising vocals- echoing in the halls of Bjork and PJ Harvey.

Controllar is known for their stunning stage presence, and was described by the Netherlands most popular music website (3voor12) as something “you absolutely have to see live!" The band has toured the USA multiple times, as well as Spain, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and Japan. They appeared in festivals such as Innersound (Bucharest) and venues like Le Poisson Rouge (NYC) , Levontin7 (Tel Aviv) , Revolver (Oslo) & Concertgebouw (Amsterdam).