By the time he’d moved to Minneapolis at 20 years old, you’d have thought Con Davison was just a wandering music school drop out. He moved into a house with too many people, and got random jobs at mediocre places. Music had subsided to no more than a quiet hobby to cope with the woes of being young and away from home. But, almost accidentally, musical favors turned into consistent involvement, and Davison slowly stumbled his way into the Twin Cities music scene, first lending his drumming to numerous projects (most recently Bad Bad Hats and Dreamspook) and now onto his first solo effort.

Holed up in a studio within a long forgotten King Coil mattress factory in Saint Paul, Davison put together a collection of songs about the future: songs about longing and songs about fear. And somewhere within those feelings of trepidation, a little bit of hopefulness shines through. Jangly melodies and self-assured rhythms give a nod to the past, while making room for Davison’s rumination about tomorrow. Written and recorded entirely by Con Davison, with post production help from Brett Bullion (Bad Bad Hats, Now,Now) and Huntley Miller (Sylvan Esso, Bon Iver), Con Davison's forthcoming release is swirling with sincerity and realism; it is a surprising debut from a college drop out, turned hired gun drummer, turned exactly what he’s always wanted to be: completely himself.