Over the years, three musicians have actively performed with several music groups all over the world utilizing almost every genre of music from classical to rock. Their experiences evolved and their paths crossed and eventually birthed the new instrumental group, Clocks & Clouds. This group culminates their passions and true desires to perform music that not only entertains, but also inspires their listeners. C&C successfully combines their classical training as well as their enthusiasm for rock ‘n roll to write pieces that display the power and passion of music.

This group consists of violinist Stephanie Shogren, cellist Lucas Shogren, and drummer/percussionist Derek Powers. By adding pick-ups to the acoustic instruments, guitar effects, a full drum kit, and original rock music written for string instruments, a sound is created that is instantly appealing to the audience. It was clear after their first performance that this group was going to be something that others would want to hear. In addition to performing at today’s top music venues, C&C is, at same time, educating today’s youth. The group has given many educational concerts around the Midwest showing students that Bach and the Beatles aren’t all that different. C&C strives to demonstrate that bringing rock into the classroom doesn’t lessen the importance of Mozart and Beethoven, but strengthens the foundation that these great composers laid. They strongly believe that their music, through educational concerts, can help develop the musicians of tomorrow.

C&C is not just another rock group. They also use their skills in the studio to record and produce for projects that range from full-length rock albums to movie soundtracks. Members of C&C have recorded on dozens of records with artists such as; The Great Upset, Odyc, Ari Herstand, The Envy Corps, Jenny Dalton, Sant Elia, Brian David, Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy, and many others. They have also recorded under several record labels including: Jacks Music Lab Records, Proud Honeybee Records, Tribute Sounds, GSP records, and BiFi records among others. C&C looks forward to performing for thousands in great venues across the country, educating a few dozen in a classroom, or recording/producing in studio. Clocks & Clouds knows that no matter where they are, their passion for music and innovative ways of performing will be remembered for years to come.