Chuckie Campbell is an American musician, poet, fiction writer, editor, publisher, and educator who lives in Buffalo, NY. His most recent album, More Die of Heartbreak, has garnered five star reviews and positive press from online and print outlets such as the Huffington Post, The Examiner, and UTG Review.

When Esente Center Stage selected Chuckie Campbell as their emerging artist of the week, writer Peter Amara affirmed him as "super-lyrical" with words "that thrust" the listener "in the middle of the scenario," praising the rapper for his “intricate wordplay” and “incredibly fast flow.” In early 2013, his song "The Streets," produced by Marc Jones, struck a chord with listeners all across the nation, when it amassed the most overall votes in The Grammy's Amplifier Contest, accumulating 95,058 amps, listens and shares, more than any other artist in any other genre who participated in the contest. His most recent project, More Die of Heartbreak, is heavily anticipated by fans and followers, produced entirely by Willie Breeding, featuring guest appearances from folk/rock/country duo The Breedings, Beth Farmer, members of the Wu Tang Killa Bees, Cappadonna and Solomon Childs, as well as Block McCloud, rapper and producer for Disturbia Music.