You know that feeling, when you hear a song that makes all of life’s realities melt away. It could be one lyric in the middle of a verse or a big soaring chorus. Whatever it is it takes you somewhere, it impacts you, inspires you. This is what Chiefs of the North survives on. We conspire to make rock-n-roll that moves us. The quest for this rock-n-roll bliss brought founding members Tony Metcalf, (guitar lead vocals) Tom Busch, (drums) and Justin Collins (lead guitar) together in 2009. By 2010 Chris Brown (keys, guitar) joined the group with Tom Laing (bass). We recorded a 5 song EP in 2010 titled Tributaries and followed that up the next year with a 9-song LP, Remember When.

Since our album’s release we have played a few small mini tours, radio shows, and almost every venue in the twin cities. Tom Laing left the band in late 2012. With Tom’s departure we found ourselves being forced to take a step back and focus on new material while searching for a bass player. Our search proved successful, as Eric Christenson became the other half of our rhythm section. With Eric, we are quickly developing what we feel to be our most creative and powerful songs to date. We are 5 people working in a crazed democratic manner in order to get the sounds out of our hearts and through our instruments. This amazingly exciting challenge along with some gigging, will keep us busy with our goal to record another full-length album within the year.