A mainstay in the local hard rock scene, Chad Erickson has spent a decade with an eclectic array of artists, including After Later, Candlelight Vigilante, and local legend Kevin Washington. ​

In Moments of Motion, Guitarist/Singer Chad Erickson charted a new path through the local scene. Crafting a more personal style steeped in integrity and soul, Erickson eschewed some of the most pretentious elements of local rock in search for a more organic evolution of rock tradition. Erickson and a few regular collaborators forged ahead by taking a step back towards a more raw and unrefined sound better suited to the heartfelt vitality of songs like album standouts “Buy the Ticket” and “Until Then.” Heavy guitars and a heavier heart marked Moments of Motion as a uniquely honest work in a landscape littered with style over substance.

Later this year, Chad Erickson and The Untimely will release a new album entitled End of the Beginning, featuring a new lineup and a heavier hitting sound. Three new music videos, each with a distinct storyline and style, “Save Yourself” “Wrong F’n Man” and “An Early Grave.” Chad Erickson and The Untimely are the band to look for in 2017.