If you’ve ever seen Centrific play, then you already know why he’s an artist to be familiar with. If you’ve never seen him play, then you haven’t experienced what the Minneapolis electronic music scene is really about. He is hands down the most innovative DJ in the city, and possibly the Midwest. With an ear for good music that’s unrivaled by most, Centrific continues to break down barriers brought on by genre classifications and close-minded people. Steve Seuling’s passion and creativity has inspired every techno DJ in Minneapolis, in one way or another. Whether you happen to be into what he’s playing at the time or not, you get a better understanding of what a DJ should be just by watching him.


Besides DJing, Steve has created a reputation for throwing some of the best and most forward thinking events Minneapolis has ever seen. Promoting under Intellephunk, Steve is constantly bringing in electronic artists for the first time that continue to change the face of techno as the world knows it. Intellephunk stands for one thing above all; quality. Intellephunk events are highly regarded, not only by those lucky enough to attend them but also by every artist that has had the opportunity to play at one. Steve is one person who is unaffected by the day-to-day drama surrounding the music scene and only focuses on the most important part of it; the music. [Justin Rooney]