Cantharone’s enormous 5-piece sound combines edgy guitar harmonies with a dueling drum set rhythm section that can be felt in your very core. The band formed in 2010. Finding their sound as an aggressive trio, they began writing a conceptual album about a werewolf. Two years later they added a second drummer and guitar player, daring to create a bigger, more explosive sound.

On Halloween in 2012 they released their first EP, The Hunting EP, at a house show in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In the months leading up to this event, they filmed a music video for the title track, “The Hunting” at the same house, which was also released at the show. Whether through the complex dueling drum parts, intricate guitar work, or horrifying vocal imagery, Cantharone is a band unlike any other. Looking to the future, the band will be moving away from the werewolf theme to bigger and more grotesque ideas as they enter the studio this October to record their second EP. Look for it this winter.