Candid Kid is an indie band from from Minneapolis, MN. Made of four friends who have been writing, playing and laughing together since 2014, Benjamin Muller, Tanner Uselmann, Cooper Doten and Reese Kling are geared up to take on summer 2017 with their second release, BLUSH.

There's a fresh, infectious energy in BLUSH that can't be avoided. It's a live sound that piqued Minneapolis engineer and producer Brett Bullion's (Bad Bad Hats, Low, Halloween Alaska, etc.) interest before recording BLUSH. Candid Kid live tracked nearly everything, with small embellishments added after the majority of the recordings were finished. What you get is a chemistry between four players that's tight and disciplined, with a unique style as natural as it is fun. Simply put, Candid Kid loves to make music. And it sounds like they have a damn good time doing it.