It’s not so much a thought as it is an energy. Written around the idea of capturing what it’s like to immerse yourself in a fleeting emotion that can happen in a certain moment, Blush (2017), the sophomore album by Minneapolis band Candid Kid, finds the quartet pushing their limits and reveling in who they have become as a band.

In the style of bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood, the band worked with producer Brett Bullion (Bad Bad Hats, Low, Halloween, Alaska) on Blush to adapt the doctrine of the band’s grinding live show and filter it into five songs that collects the chemistry between four players that’s tight and disciplined with a unique style as natural as it is fun.

The first single “Jeans” best epitomizes the band’s new direction they have been working towards, which Doten describes as frenetic and discombobulated. The songs pulse with fanatical insistence -- their intensity multiplying the effectiveness of the album’s ambition, rather than stifling it.

Benjamin Muller - Vocals, Guitar
Tanner Uselmann - Guitar
Cooper Doten - Bass, Vocals
Reese Kling - Drums