It seems that some time in the last few years a very hardcore metal band came along in MN and started calling themselves Blue Ox...

"One of my favorite parts of the evening was next: the set by Blue Ox. Now, Blue Ox isn’t a band I’m totally bonkers about but they’re pretty descent. They play music that is exceptionally brash and substantially inaccessible to the average listener. Furthermore, they have the aesthetic of a whaling fleet that just pulled into harbor after several months at sea. If you didn’t grow up with older siblings that smoked copious amounts of weed and listened to Pantera***, chances are you will not like this band. That is exactly why their set ruled. For approximately 30 minutes, I got to watch scene kids look really confused and scene girls snarl their noses and make OHMUHGAWD faces at each other. Priceless! Still, I think they won some new fans, as kids were bangin’ and whatnot during their performance. Blue Ox did play quite well last night..." [Thomas Rehbein]

Mikey Van Heel | Guitar
Dang'ol Johnson | Drums
Joshua Nelson | Bass/Vocals
Dennis Hanson| Vocals
Logan Kelly | Guitar