Bloodnstuff is a two-piece rock band native to Minneapolis, MN. Ed Holmberg (guitar/vocals) and Dylan Gouert (drums) bring a mountain of sound that is truly hard to believe comes from a duo. Looks can be deceiving, as the output of these two creatives is an amalgmation of all things hard, fun and fast.

Ironically formed from the previous band Economy Team, the resulting project follows their previous alma mater's name to a "t", as everything bloodnstuff does is born out of necessity. Holmberg began his versatile singing when a former bass player/singer didn't show up for a gig. Holmberg convinced Gouert they could do everything as a duo when Economy Team bassist Ted Johnson left. "I went with it, figuring we would eventually find another bass player. Instead I realized we really didn't need a bass player," says Gouert. He designed and built a secret weapon, enabling Holmberg to dexterously play bass and guitar live while singing, simultaneously layering riffs and melodies. With a sound bigger than that of most four-pieces, the music is amazingly all created live. "No recordings or looping, and never will be," Holmberg states flatly. The end result is the aptly self-titled bloodnstuff - a raccus 10 song LP that is filled with moxxy from beginning to end.