BLOODNSTUFF is a high energy dynamic rock duo from Minneapolis, MN. For being a two piece this group really sounds like a massive wall of fuzz and great melodies! Ed Holmberg and Dylan Gouert have been playing in various local groups for over decade. In 2010, BLOODNSTUFF was formed. The group did not appear publicly until the summer of 2011. After an onslaught of shows, hype started to grow and the group's live performances kept audiences coming. At the end of 2011, BLOODNSTUFF was voted "best rock band of 2011" in the Minneapolis City Pages.

In April of 2012, they independently released a long awaited full length album, the self-titled Bloodnstuff. Ed and Dylan spent the next year opening for national acts as they came through town. In April 2013, BLOODNSTUFF went on a US tour as direct support for Fu Manchu. Shortly after, they did a five show tour opening up for Alice in Chains, on their "The Devil put Dinosaurs Here" tour. Since then, BLOODNSTUFF has been writing and opening for such bands as Bush, Deerhoof, Japandroids, Royal Blood, Truckfighters, 400 Blows, Cloud Nothings, and more. You can also find BLOODNSTUFF music in Vans, Oakley, and Ford Racing videos. As of now, the band has signed with Fuzzorama Records and opened for Fu Manchu's during their 2014 European tour. What else can we say than A-fuckin Mazing!