Storming the internet in prolific fashion during the summer of 2011, Black Light Dinner Party captivated listeners with glowing synthesizers, vintage bass and elegant, cohesive songs. A lack of information about the band’s identity lead to an uproar from blogs and fans alike, with their first 2 releases hitting #1 and #2 on Hype Machine within days of being released, and an exponentially growing online fanbase – “Their formula is so successful it leads us to thinking that this is an experienced set of producers, and herein lies our speculation. Is this a super-group, made up of people known to us in other guises? Is this the real reason behind why they’re holding back their identities?" – The Recommender

An Intimate sit down with Interview Magazine shined some light on BLDP’s background, where the boys opened up about their approach, the secrecy and what’s to come. A handfull of NYC guerilla style shows later – BLDP is rapidly becoming synonymous with driving dance parties and kinetic, intense crowds – “Black Light Dinner Party….turned into a full-on dance party and gave away copies of their vinyl EP to the pumped up crowd” – Brooklyn Vegan – With anthemic, beat-driven singles ‘Older Together’ and ‘Smalll Boxes’ combined with throwback Boston favorite ‘Gold Chain’, the boys rounded out 2012 by playing shows with Icona Pop, St Lucia, Penguin Prison and Willy Moon to enthusiastic crowds around the East Coast. Black Light Dinner Party is bringing their vintage electronics, saturated rhythms and thriving live shows with them in 2013—with videos, shows and a new album early in the new year.