Muddy Waters once said, "If you want to play the blues, you have to go to church. A Black church. Because that's where you learn to put your soul into music." While making no claims to be in the same league as legend Muddy Waters, the concept of injecting soul into music was fascinating to Ramones-obsessed members of the BCS. Based in Minneapolis, the Black Church Service has few goals other than to play some decent punk rock music, injected with the soul.

Black Church Service is infamous; a cult formed with one purpose: to create a musical disturbance. This cult worships blues with a mojo hand in the recipe. It cooks up a jambalaya of musical proportions. This group takes to its roots, creating a sonic boom of evil rhythm and blues. It's a take-no-prisoners rock and roll testimonial that brings a gramophone to a gang fight, blaring the word of Americana. Dig it.