Songstress Bethany Larson reaches to new lengths with the first full length release, When We Reach the City. This follow up album to Bethany Larson’s first EP release Sticks & Stones includes a brand new backing band, The Bee’s Knees. Bethany Larson & The Bee’s Knees bring us through the tides of a relationship, heartbreak then up to selffulfillment. “Don’t You Want to Know?” grooves with a great rhythm section featuring Brennan Goetzman on Bass and Sara Horishnyk on Drums. Brother Chris Larson backs up Bethany’s vocals with boldness and assurance. Throughout the album Bethany exudes confidence, poise and commitment to her songwriting.


Raised in Austin Minnesota, Bethany grew up a preacher’s daughter with three older brothers. She began singing with the church choir at the age of five and picked up guitar at fifteen. Moving on to college, Bethany maintained a love for music while studying classical voice. She began performing at more traditional venues in 2006 such as The Acadia Café. Since then she has moved up the scale, most notably performing for the debut of The Southern Songbook “Lush Life” with local band Heiruspecs, backing her on the jazz standards “My Funny Valentine” and “Someone to Watch over Me.” When We Reach The City might be a sophomore album for Bethany, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. It retains all the trademarks of a sophisticated musician. Recorded at Humans Win! studios, this album brings Bethany Larson & The Bee’s Knees to the forefront of the Twin Cities music scene.