Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures came into being in early 2010 when they put together a group for a local jug band contest. The synergy between original members Bernie King, Julie King, Matt Smith, and John Kurtis Dehn was so natural and right that they decided to keep on making great music as a band. And that's exactly what they did as witnessed by the release of two great albums, 2012’s Bernie King and the Guilty Pleasures and 2014's Pretty Little Gal.

2014 saw a change as the band welcomed new bassist Bradley Smith. Bradley's up tempo style was an immediate perfect fit and kept the band right on track for bigger and better things. 2014 was also the first year for the band dominated Reverbnation’s bluegrass category sitting in the #1 spot for many, many months. A feat they continue to repeat all the years since and into 2019!