Beebe Gallini wants you to get down to garage standards, should-have-been hits, and all new classics. Bring your dancing shoes as we beg, borrow and steal our way into your hearts! Beebe Gallini originally got together in January 2015 with a lineup featuring Miss Georgia Peach, Sally Sweet, Lynn Becca, Emily Ruiz. By summertime they were sharing a bill with The Pandoras, Lyres, The Mighty Mofos and L'Assassins.

After a year of live shows and an awesome online EP, Lynn, Sally and Emily left Beebe Gallini to focus on their original bands, Kinda Kinky, Runes Av Vaskeri and Jim Ruiz Set, respectively. The Beebe story continued when Georgia recruited Amy Larson Pearson on bass and back up vox, Travis Ramin on lead guitar and Chris Audette on drums. Things got a little louder and a littler more guitar-y while keeping up the good time vibe of the original combo.

In May 2017, Beebe Gallini was back in the studio recording a handful of hits and original material that was released on 7" vinyl in March 2018. Beebe Gallini continues rocking parties, bars and ski lodges while writing instant classic tunes and unearthing more hits from old stacks of records.