BEAR THE SOUND, an alternative rock trio, formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in March of 2012. Without knowing how their music would sound, they began writing songs and recording demos that gravitated toward the primary influences of The Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine, and a blend of the genres of dub and folk. BEAR THE SOUND recorded their debut album, ANTHROCENE between July 2012 and February 2013. Upon completion they entered in VITA.MN's "Are You Local?" Competition and among over 200 entries, received one of 10 honorable mentions with the publication stating, "With chunky guitars and delightfully droned vocals, BEAR THE SOUND should be taken seriously."

"...Bear the Sound, whose debut ANTHROCENE pulls the listener in a lot of different and surprising directions. There are definitely psych influences, but BEAR THE SOUND’s Jeremy Warden also clearly has an ear for pop melody; just when you think the wash of feedback is going to overcome the album, he busts in with a charming little freak-folk ditty that guides the whole thing back on track." [Andrea Swensson, The Current]

In May 2013, BEAR THE SOUND entered the studio again, this time to record a follow-up EP titled HYPNOPOMP which will be released as a free download during the winter of 2013-2014. HYPNOPOMP has a bit more of an aggressive edge, but retains the best parts of the band's first album, and using a more stripped down, raw and natural sound to re-create the exciting atmosphere that the band creates live.