For the young aspiring artist BdotCroc out of Minneapolis, Minnesota things are looking up. She’s only 22 but has accomplished so many goals since she started writing musicat age 18. She has been noticed around her city from peer’s and family members for herprecise delivery and hard-hitting lyrical abilities. She has released three mixtapes NoClue (2009), Massacre On Beat Street Volume 1 & 2 (2010-2011.) She just released last summer her first all original project titled InBetween Crowds which has surfaced in her city quite well with videos from the project on YouTube with over five thousand views. She won a male dominated battle at Elixr Night Club downtown Minneapolis withher top of the dome freestyle abilities and has performed at a handful of popular club venues in her city.

Born and raised on the Northside of Minneapolis, BdotCroc has been rapping since the age of eight years old. She started in her great grandmothers basement battling with cousins and her uncle Kel C. Bdot stood out for her sharp delivery and consistent punchlines. Now at the age of 22 she still stands out even amongst the competition, she was recently nominated for “The Best Female MC” at the Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards and brought home the trophy against worthy contenders. Its no longer a secret BdotCroc is a known artist in her own territory!

BdotCroc has opened up for some of music’s best artist today like Trey Songz, Dead Prez, and Gucci Mane. Every crowd is her crowd she adjusts to the environment and turns it into her own. Her stage performance is captivating to the audience and her lyrics leave a lasting impression on those who witness her live show. She was featured in this years line up at SoundSet 2012 Concert/Festival and performed on the fifth element stage were the local artists that make the most noise get a chance to perform in front of thousands of new fans. BdotCroc graduated from college this past spring class 2012 with an AA Liberal Arts degree and plans to take advantage of the time off from school with pursuing her dreams in music. She has a bright future ahead of her and she’s not scared to let her light shine. As she would say “Nobodies in my Genre.”