The year is 1984. Born into the world wearing neon sunglasses and a pair of hi-tops, Jake Sullivan was raised on casio keyboards and cartoons. As he grew, so did his tastes for electronic music. Soon he was creating music that was undeniably radical! However, it wasn’t until he learned to shred guitar and keytar that he truly became BADNRAD! Borrowing from multiple styles and genres, his music plays with a new realm of sonic possibilities. Utilizing dynamic song structuring and inherently catchy melodies, he weaves an aural spectral-gasm of electronic emotions ranging from fun and funky to deep down and dirty to sexy sc-fi cyberlicious to booming bad ass bass in your face! BNR is truly breaking new ground and will soon be melting faces near you! JOIN THE RAD REVOLUTION!!!

Watching a BadNraR live show is a mega-multi-sensory overload! BNR harnesses the power of his synths, guitar, keytar and talk box while utilizing video/lighting/dance master, Time Squid, to ensure every brain cell is tickled as you watch and listen. Together they team up with a cast of wild and rad characters who make their appearance on stage and interact with the crowd as the music takes the audience on an awesome aural adventure of astronomic proportions. Synchronized lighting and projected visuals heighten the level of seizure-inducing epileptic pleasure as well as set the stage for the bodacious beats blasting through the speakers.

BadNraD was kidnapped from his home planet by the evil Boss of Bass and sent to the future of 2989. There he was forced to learn shred guitar and create music so powerful that, if played anywhere but the silent vacuum of space, it would destroy planets! However, he was able to escape with the master disc in a battle using the same face-melting shred techniques taught to him for evil. Soon, BNR was back on Earth making music for the masses once again! ...but the Boss still wants that disc and he’ll do anything to get it. So BadNraD must continue to battle the Boss of Bass and his minions during his interstellar adventures in space/time!!!