Formed in 2014, Backwards Dancer quickly developed into their unique style of emo rock. With influences ranging from Bright Eyes to Brand New to Radiohead, the band – comprised of vocalist Zack Shaw, guitarist Ryan Kelleher, and drummer Andrew Underwood – seamlessly translates intrapersonal emotion into thoughtfully orchestrated compositions. Living, writing and rehearsing in Worcester, MA, the band collectively works to bring their music to life.

Loud, honest, thoughtful and intense; Backwards Dancer's debut EP New Life In Old Shoes tells an ordinary narrative in an extraordinary way. Frontman Zack Shaw (former vocalist of The Hotelier) speaks with a conviction and sincerity that pushes the boundaries of modern indie rock without losing sight of his unadulterated feelings. This sense of realness is intrinsic to the band's anatomy, compelling audiences to reflect on themselves in the same way that Shaw is so capable of doing.