Ayvah is a collection of jazz-trained musicians and hip-hop lovers rooted in soul; as they combine all of these influential and eclectic sounds, Ayvah has emerged as a jazz-funk, neo-soul band. Ayvah creates music from a wide base of inspiration, including love, heartbreak, coming of age, sexuality, poetry, nature and more. Minneapolis/Saint Paul based, Ava McFarlane (lead vocals), Sam Rosenstone (keys), Ethan Yeshaya (bass), Joey C. Hays (drums) and Andy Schupp (guitar) bring a strong sense of artistry and collaboration, thus creating a sound that's intriguing to all music tastes.

City Pages echoes Ayvah's attack on music, saying, "Minneapolis five-piece Ayvah’s is [hard] to pin down. That’s not just because they’ve hardly released any music, instead preferring to hone their live show. It’s due to the band’s eclecticism; their sound is an intoxicating fusion of jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, and more. Led by the preternaturally talented singer Ava McFarlane, the group reliably whips up kinetic, propulsive grooves, as attendees of their live shows have witnessed." Ayvah's response to the eclecticism of their music is, "We don’t want to limit ourselves to any specific genre or taste— we just want to create art that is technical, thought out and charged with inspiration.”