Fronted and founded by fight director, songwriter and guitarist Annie Enneking, Annie and the Bang Bang is a Minneapolis rock band. All multi-disciplined artists, they genre hop from dreamy folkpop to late sixties rock to psychedelic blues, crafting musical gems that value energy, animal intelligence, poetry and mischief. Annie believes songwriting is an act of spiritual archeology and so sifts through words to find bones of song, telling stories about being a person in a world full of people. She relies on the artistry, thick invention, and dig-right-down-into-it-ness of the Bang Bangs: the stacked chording and “just what the song wants” guitar of John Riedlinger, the lead-with-the-heart bass monster that is Kari Tweiten, and the heavy adventure and sharp-corner-turning drums of Mike Kittel.

The band has three albums out, their Next Step funded self-titled debut, their sophomore effort , and the recently released still up?. The band charted on the Local Current at #16 with their single “Explode With Happy, Man!” and their video for “Funeral for Fun” was an official selection for the Independent Filmmaker’s Project MNTV programming showcase, which aired on TPT and was installed in the Walker Art Museum’s film and video collection. They’ve successfully toured Colorado three times, and are planning another foray deep into the mountains. They embark on smaller touring adventures throughout the Midwest with their baby trailer, which they pull with a tiny Prius.