Originally a solo project started by Gabriel Jorgensen in 2011, Ancient Mariner began in the monotonous suburbs of Aurora, CO. After years of playing and writing around town, Gabriel decided to scrap all that he had written and recorded up to that point and start fresh. The product of his efforts became the collection of dreamy folk songs entitled, In Solitude EP. Recorded with Matt Wilcox and released in the fall of 2011, it was exposed mainly to the close circles of friends and acquaintances around him at the time.

In the late summer of 2012 Gabriel moved to Minneapolis where he began writing new material. With the help of friend Connor Carroll, Gabriel re-released the In Solitude EP as it is known today with "War In My Head" included in the track listing. In Solitude saw new life again by it's re-release date of July 2, 2013:

'In Solitude, sounds immaculate and remarkably self-assured' -Pitchfork

'In Solitude EP.... 'Through the courage of its own convictions and the sheer strength of the songwriting, simply listening to it is to immerse yourself within its creations.' -Gold Flake Paint

Moments like these, awash with emotion, tension, and dissonant chords, reveal the uncomplicated beauty of these songs.' -Consequence of Sound

'...we’re basking contentedly in the isolated beauty of these very intimate, multi-layered works.' -The Line Of Best Fit

'(Ancient Mariner) presents us with his unique take on folk that is wrapped in a polished shell of enchanting tones and textures.' -Earmilk

Ancient Mariner is now a trio based in Minneapolis, with drummer Connor Davison and bassist Dan Stewart. The new EP is due for release very soon!