The Lion's Share is the debut full-length album from A.M. Stryker. A veteran of the Minneapolis music scene, A.M. Stryker has lent his creative talents to such projects as The Spirit of ’76, Satellite Voices, Deleter, and We Are The Willows.

In his first solo release, A.M. Stryker explores a softer, more painful side of himself. The songs reflect on the shared experience with his wife of moving to another country and losing a loved one who’s thousands of miles away. A story that ultimately ended in a divorce and a journey back home. With a vocal styling reminiscent of artists like Nick Drake and Jose Gonazalez, The Lion's Share explores the depth of emotion that comes with love, loss, divorce, and death. Underscored by gently woven guitars and strings, A.M. Stryker crafts a debut release that is stunning and heartfelt.