All the Way Rider is a rock n roll power trio from Minneapolis, MN. When the band started in 2005, there were four of us. At the beginning of 2008, we awoke to find there were three. Continuing to forge ahead, we discovered that this made a lot more sense in terms of what we were trying to do. We grew up listening to all sorts of music, from indie to arena, from punk to prog, heck, from country to hardcore.

Our sound is more naturally drawn from our alt-rock, indie and punk influences from the early 90′s forward, but we try our best not to limit what we do. Our names are Jeremy Jessen, Scott Walters and Rocky de Vries and we have been playing in bands over half of our lives. We have put in time on stages around the U.S., but most often in the midwest, in the likes of Align, Dayfeed, One Second Silence, and many others prior, going back to our youths. In All the Way Rider we’ve been able to meld those experiences and wisdom (or maybe cynicism) in order to create something organic, uncompromising and collaborative. Individual priorities and philosophies may change, but hopefully those core roots of this band remain. They’re the most critical components, after all.