Formed in 2008 in Minneapolis, Aaron & The Sea has a certain unforgettable sound with a lo-fi eeriness, dark synth sounds, and driving rhythms. Overlaid with a very accessible, pop-esque vocal melody, its no surprise that their music is often referred to as "nightmare-pop" or "murder-pop". Drawing influence from remix music, Japanese glitch, Crystal Castles, and Thom Yorke - listening to Aaron & The Sea is comparable to floating in thin air through a foreign landscape of ancient ice palaces on the darkest, stillest night of the year.

Cloak & Dagger, the band's latest EP, differs from Aaron's former full-length release, Creature Creature, noting a large jump into his project's electronic side. The EP holds 4 tracks, including an alternate version of a pre-released track entitled "Deja Vudu", and a cover of Lykke Li's "Little Bit." The EP was initially recorded by Aaron himself, and later worked on by New York (by way of Minneapolis) producer Grant Cutler. Cloak & Dagger was self-released on November 12, 2013 and is available for Pay-What-You-Want via the artist's Bandcamp page, as well as iTunes, Spotify, and other online stores.