Originally from New Orleans, Aaron Hart aka Aaron Bliss has been actively promoting, DJing and performing live PA’s since his move to the Midwest in 1995. His move to the Midwest came after a brief but intense 2 plus-year induction period to the underground techno sound via the New York City Rave Scene from 93-95, which landed Aaron smack dab in the middle of a dance music epoch that changed his life forever.

The constant exposure to the emerging house phenomenon at major clubs/events such as Living Room, Smack, Nasa, and Bliss (which he later jacked for his DJ alter ego) shaped his formative years and started him on his journey to find his own sound. Although his early influences range from hip-hop, industrial, rave, house, and techno, Aaron’s sound today explores the deep, jazzy, and funky side of Techno and House. He is currently a member/founder of Particle People Mpls promotions group with his good friend Jesse Jakob (which also performs live together as Jack Complex) and had a residency at Minneapolis’ famed First Ave night club hosting the BLACK series of events since 2007-2013.