The concept of Hedersleben actually began in Hedersleben Germany in 2011. It was there that Nicky Garratt and Uve Müllrich, bass player of the Krautrock legends Embryo, spent a weekend talking about and playing music. Garratt explains, "We watched Vagabunden Karawane, the Embryo documentary, and I was absolutely mesmerized by the theme music, which we then played together as an extended jam."

When Garratt became the music director for Hawkwind’s Nik Turner in2012, the opportunity to reunite with drummer Jason Willer - both were former members of UK Subs of which Garratt was a founder, co-writer and producer (1977–1983 and again 1996–2011) - presented itself. While working on Turner's Space Gypsy album the embryonic Hedersleben began to take shape.

Influenced by the fearless sprit of the early Krautrock scene Hedersleben, augmented by 2nd keyboard player/vocalist Kyrsten Bean, recorded their first album Upgoer in June 2013. Alongside Garratt and Willer, the album features Bryce Shelton from Hollow Mirrors on bass and Kephera Moon from Dragontime on keyboard and vocals. Immediately following Upgoer this line-up of Hedersleben recorded with Joel Vandroogenbroeck as the new album of legendary swiss Krautrock band Brainticket. (Album scheduled for 2014 release). Hedersleben completed their first US tour Oct/Nov 2013 both opening for and backing Nik Turner.