with Hosted by ☁ (CLOUD), ANDER OTHER, and SWAGN3TO
Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 9:00pm
An Evening Dedicated to Kanye West
7th St Entry

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The House Of Yeezy is an evening dedicated to Kanye West. This is a full audio + visual experience curated by ☁ that will explore Yeezy's music, philosophy, and artistic expressions.

We are really excited to explore the creative work of one of the greatest artists of our generation. ☁, Ander Other, and Swagn3to will be joining together to play sets that highlight his features, production, music videos, deep cuts, and selections from the GOOD Music family.

The Life Of Pablo will be played in its entirety around 10 pm.

Haters need not worry about coming out.

Design by Ian Babineau.