Monday, June 9, 2014 at 9:30pm

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Denton, Texas rockers Centro-Matic have announced their first album since 2011’s Candidate Waltz, a full-length set for release this summer. Entitled Take Pride in Your Long Odds, the album will be the band’s 11th studio album since their 1997 debut LP Redo The Stacks. To celebrate the release of Take Pride In Your Long Odds, Centro-Matic will also being revisiting their roots by re-issuing Redo The Stacks as a limited edition double vinyl for the very first time. Take Pride In Your Long Odds will be released on June 3, and the re-issue of Redo The Stacks will be released next week. Listen to “Salty Disciple,” the first single from Take Pride In Your Long Odds. [Paste 4/15/14]