Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 6:30pm

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2014 is already looking like an exciting year for Flogging Molly. As the band closes the door on one chapter, they are gearing up for the next. Flogging Molly is preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their illustrious annual Green 17 Tour, and if history is any kind of indicator, one can expect the final Green 17 to be the most raucous yet. Over the last decade, Green 17 had become an annual pilgrimage for so many of Flogging Molly’s devoted fans as the dates lead up to St. Patrick’s Day. The significance of Green 17 had a major impact on the band. 

Lead singer/songwriter Dave King reflects on the decade long event, “To everyone who at one time or another has joined us on the Green 17 tour, from the bottom of our collective glass, we say cheers to each and every one of you. It has been ten years of friendship all of us will never forget.” Of course, this does not signify the end of Flogging Molly as a touring machine. King adds, “To all of the bands who packed their vans and joined us over the years, we thank you. To the many wonderful venues, may your doors never close. This may be the 10th and final round, but the gloves are still well and truly on. To Molly's Army…we salute you!!”

While Green 17 may be coming to close, the next chapter for Flogging Molly will be taking shape very soon as the band gets ready to head into the studio to record a new album, to be released in early 2015. The new album will be the band’s first since 2011’s highly acclaimed Speed Of Darkness, which Rolling Stone called “…one of their best records yet.” Speed Of Darkness garnered a Top 10 Billboard debut and was praised by a wide range of press, including The Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Parade Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Billboard, New York Post, Alternative Press, USA Today and many more. Flogging Molly had their debut appearance on the acclaimed PBS program Austin City Limits and a feature segment on the CBS Evening News. Parade Magazine called Speed Of Darkness, “…a foot stomping blast of Celtic punk rock and a battle cry for the working class.”

For over 15 years, Flogging Molly has proudly waved the blue-collar flag. They have created a catalogue of thoughtful, passionate and intelligent anthems, stories and ballads that have resonated with fans worldwide. Their incredible live shows continue to be festive communal experiences that keep people coming back, and the final Green 17 Tour should provide a heavy dose of all that Flogging Molly had become best known for.