MONDAY, MARCH 10: Paragraphs | Blue Ruin | Human Kindness | Straya

It’s on! Monday. Monday. Monday! It’s a royal rumble of local music-- in this corner Paragraphs team up with Human Kindness who will be releasing their tape, yes tape, at The Entry tonight. Contesting their claim to the scene admiration will be the other corner; Blue Ruin and Straya. This line up is fine sample of new Minneapolis local bands, most of them have just released their debuts, and these bands are sure to duke it out until the end.

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There are moments in the underground music community, when a band becomes something beyond its creator. It can communicate to an audience, deeper than any one person's verbal explanation or interpretation. It's something personal, and becomes something sacred. Great art is never literal, and usually left open for interpretation. With Lydia, that is exactly what has kept the phenomena alive... Lydia is not a person, but a feeling. They communicate in a dialect that defines the soundscapes they paint. The connection to their audience is a bond that can't be broken or dismissed.

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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12: Portage | The Farewell Circuit | Bear

The Entry will be getting a little dirty tonight—roots dirty. Joined by The Farewell Circuit and Bear, Portage will be at The Entry tonight. Native to the cold, northern shores of Minnesota, Portage bellows a sound reminiscent of the rootsy-folk music that runs as deep in the region as Lake Superior itself. Since their move to Minneapolis, Portage can be found howling their intimate lyrics at full volume from large stages and living rooms alike, putting on soulful, memorable shows that can make even the bitterest Midwestern night feel warmer.

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THURSDAY, MARCH 13: Always Human Tapes Showcase

Thursday night at The Entry will be enough motivation to get anyone out of their series-at-a-time streaming habits. This is because Always Human is showcasing their best in audio and visual technologies. There will be performances by Doubt vs EECEE, TML (live) Pleasurlife, Heckadecimal, and DJ Flying Saucer, along live video and art by Josh McGarvey, Jamie Kinroy, The Sacred Trust, pleasurlife, Doubt vs EECEE, Matthew MB, and Lauren Skager. Check out more HERE.

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Doubt vs EECEE, TML (live) Pleasurlife, Heckadecimal, and DJ Flying Saucer

FRIDAY, MARCH 14: Disasteratti

Releasing their new record, Minneapolis noise/groove/attack rock group, Disasteratti is poised to tear up The Entry. Going on a decade of activity. 2 tours, 3 records, 7 members, hundreds of live shows. The band's second LP, Cerebral Hack Artist, is due out early 2014 on Learning Curve Records.

Minneapolis noise-rock trio Disasteratti are set to release their new album, Cerebral Hack Artist, on Learning Curve Records on March 1. The first track lifted from that forthcoming collection is "Rolling Blackouts," a potent, tempestuous number that is given an equally raucous video treatment by Voice of Pizza. The band's sound carries on the volatile underground rock history of the Twin Cities, while also breathing new life into a scene that needs more loud, unruly guitars at the moment. [Gimme Noise]

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Low brow noise core post-punk, supporting acts Buildings, Mrs., and Animal Lover


Joining Charn for their new release show will be Verskotzi and Sam Cassidy. Charn arguably started when Alex and Phillip Hicks met Levi Stugelmeyer as children in southwest Minnesota. Their separate musical paths all convened in Nashville, but it wasn't their scene, so they ended up back in Minnesota as quickly as they'd left. Minneapolis welcomed them home with a grueling winter. Broke and cold, they started writing songs. Motivated by familiar sounds of the Jayhawks, Wilco, Nirvana and Kent, but finding a musical direction all their own, the trio started playing shows as CHARN.

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SUNDAY, MARCH 16: André Cymone

When bloggers describe Andre Cymone’s new album, The Stone, as long-awaited, we really mean it—his fans have literally been waiting 29 years for a follow-up to Cymone’s last album, A.C.

As the first bass player in Prince’s touring band and one of the many artists to emerge out of the Minneapolis Sound explosion, Cymone rose to notoriety with a quick succession of solo R&B albums in the early ’80s that peaked with 1985′s A.C. and the Prince-penned hit “The Dance Electric.” His solo work tapered off after that while Cymone kept busy producing albums out in Los Angeles for the likes of Jody Watley, Adam Ant, Tom Jones, and Tina Turner.

Now, after diving head-first back into the songwriting and recording process and rounding up a batch of high-profile studio musicians to flesh out his new work, Cymone is back. Whereas Cymone’s earlier material was steeped in the funk beats, synths, and drum machines of the early ’80s, “Radio” is pure guitar-driven pop. It’s obvious that the time he’s spent living in L.A. has influenced his work; while traces of the Minneapolis Sound are still evident, so are elements of ’60s psych-pop and contemporary indie rock. “It’s a very, very fun record,” Cymone says. “We did it all live, straight to tape. So it’s not a bunch of studio tricks; it’s just musicians playing live.” [Local Current]

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