Deafheaven - "Dreamhouse" live at Pitchfork 2014

Deafheaven are hardly the first band to blend shoegaze and black metal by understanding the two genres’ similarities: in both cases, the sound overwhelms and the listener submits. But while most of the San Francisco trio’s peers simply attempt to incinerate you where you stand, Deafheaven offer an actual travel itinerary on “Dreamhouse”, the first single from their titanic Sunbather LP. - Pitchfork

Tickets available for Deafheaven’s March 20 show > >

Ashley Groves on her 3/18 show at Turf Club

Ashley Groves, Lena Elizabeth, and Maya Elena are co-headlining a night of femme singer-songwriters at the Turf Club on Saturday, March 18. On the upcoming show, Ashley Groves says: 

I’m so PUMPED to share the stage with two female powerhouses, Maya Elena and Lena Elizabeth! Not only are we presenting women in music, but I believe these ladies will be bringing some fresh Jazz/R&B/Folk and even some soulful tunes that will ignite your passion for equality and endeavor to meet you where you’re at; sassy confidence, or somewhere a little less certain.

Tickets available here:

This is unedited raw footage of a bear I filmed with my cell...

This is unedited raw footage of a bear I filmed with my cell phone. I’m not sure what kind of bear this is.

At two minutes in….it’s still the commercial?? This is Adult Swim at its intellectual/bizarre-humor best.

Creators Wham City Comedy are a comedy & video collective based in Baltimore known for their bizarre viral videos and absurdist presentational performances. Catch Wham City Comedy at the Turf Club on Sunday, April 2.


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