#FacesOfFirstAve: Bob Mould

In advance of his two night run on the Mainroom stage, Bob Mould was gracious enough to chat with us about life, fame, and staying sane in a digital world. 

First Avenue: So you’re not from Minnesota but you’re still a hometown hero…

Bob Mould: I was born and raised in the Adirondaks but I moved here when I was 17 to go to Macalester.

FA: No way, so did I.

BM: Oh cool! Did you graduate?

FA: I did.

BM: I did not.

FA: Yeah, but did you pick up a loathing for bagpipes?

BM: No, I actually bought bagpipes when I was over in the UK in ‘85!

FA: Can you play them?

BM: I can play the chanter but I can’t keep the bags droning.

FA: Yeah, you can’t learn to play the pipes quietly.

BM: Nope. You have to have a big open field to rehearse. There are a lot of bagpipers in San Francisco where I live now because Golden Gate Park is pretty big so all the bagpipers in America have gone there.

FA: That’s really funny. What did you study in college?

BM: I ended up inventing a major, which I guess is a regular major now, called Urban Studies. It was like sociology, geography, economics, poli-sci, statistics… I had a really great sociology professor who was sort of my mentor in college and she and I designed this major. I, unfortunately, did not obtain it. I missed it by a semester. I ended up touring with a rock band. It worked out.

FA: Before you found music, what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

BM: That was pretty much the first thing I think I found. When I was a little kid, I got into music really, really early. I started teaching myself music on a piano and then writing songs on a keyboard when I was nine and then picked up a guitar at 15 or 16.

FA: So it’s always been pretty clear for you.

BM: Yeah. I didn’t know from, like, 13 to 16, I wasn’t real sure. It was like a hobby with other hobbies. But at 16 I was like that’s it. I went to college and sort of faked my way through it but then music came in again and that was it.

FA: How do you feel about the Internet? Do you use it a lot?

BM: Yeah, I guess. I use it for most of my entertainment, for streaming radio, email… I try not to use it all the time. I’m not a big social media guy. I think it really gets in the way of real friendships.

FA: Can you imagine the trajectory of your early musical career being different if it had coincided with the rise of the Internet?

BM: Yes. Completely different. The Internet has created the ability for people with very specific tastes in music to find each other much quicker than they would have in the analog days. It also… I grew up in the era when there was mystery. When you didn’t know that much about Alice Cooper or Kiss or the Ramones. They were these floating objects that you couldn’t define and now everybody has to Instagram every meal they eat and I sorta like a little bit of that mystery. I think everybody’s competing to overexpose themselves. It’s a different place and time. So I think for people who are 30 and under, they have no idea what it used to be like, and they hear somebody like me tell stories and they’re like, “What? You’re making that up.” So I think for new musicians, if you go on Soundcloud with #psych #shoegaze #christian #death, you’re going to find those other 18 people who are looking for just those four things in one band, and it’s good for that. But again I think it takes away a lot of the mystique and mystery of the art form.

FA: So, considering you’ve had this amazing career spanning these things changing so much, how have you managed to not burn out and continue in a creative field where it would be so easy to lose that passion?

BM: I don’t say yes to everything that people want me to do. I’m pretty selective about the things I choose to do, like interviews or letting people tape shows to broadcast. I don’t give everything away all the time, by being a little protective of what I can be about the work. Trying to keep it special for myself, to where I don’t feel like every day. Just be selective. I think that may keep me from being as successful as I should be right now, but it will keep me working longer if that makes any sense.

FA: Totally. Not being afraid to say no.

BM: If you give everything away all at once, there’s noting left to give.

FA: Has there ever been a time in your life when you wish you were someone else?

BM: Yeah, the nights when I lose my voice I wish I was somebody who didn’t have that problem. But no, I’m completely content with who I am. I’ve met people who were really successful and I see what they have to contend with every day, and I’m not built for that. A great example is Dave Grohl, somebody I have a lot of respect for, and to hang around the Foo Fighters a lot a couple years ago and get to play and do stuff with them, I see the demands on Dave. He’s built for it; he’s a people person, he remembers everyone’s name, always in pretty good spirits and he’s got a great support staff around him. I don’t think I could do that. So I see someone like that and people are like, “You must be a little resentful.” I’m like, “Absolutely not.” I can’t do that all the time every day. I know my limits. I do exactly as much I think I should do, as I want to do.

FA: I understand. That’s why I ask other people what they do. Being famous is probably my worst nightmare.

BM: I’m very fortunate that the people who know my work are very respectful of me and the work so I don’t have the crazy fan problem. People don’t come up to me in the middle of a mouth full of soup in a restaurant. They’re usually careful and I appreciate that. I can only imagine what it’s like for real famous people. I’ve seen it. It’s weird. I don’t know how people deal with that.

Interview by Sarah Brumble

Tickets On Sale This Week: January 29, 2015

ON SALE: Friday, January 30 at 10:00am CT

Sufjan Stevens Northrop WED APR 22

ON SALE: Friday, January 30 at 11:00am CT

Hermitude 7th St Entry THU MAR 26

ON SALE: Friday, January 30 at noon CT

Neulore 7th St Entry SAT MAR 14
Frankie Lee ‘American Dreamer’ Video Release Show Turf Club SAT MAR 21
The Preatures Triple Rock SUN MAR 29
The Ting Tings Fine Line FRI APR 3
Useful Jenkins | Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Mainroom SAT APR 11
Cory Branan Turf Club SAT APR 18
Sales 7th St Entry FRI APR 24
Hiss Golden Messenger Turf Club SAT APR 25
Death Cab For Cutie Northrop SAT MAY 2
Mystic Braves Turf Club THU MAY 21
Purity Ring Mainroom TUE JUNE 9

ON SALE: Saturday, January 31 at noon CT

Gerard Way Mainroom FRI MAY 15


Filthy Animals Album Release Show Turf Club FRI FEB 20
Doomtree Mainroom WED FEB 25
Lily & Madeleine (early show) Bryant Lake Bowl FRI MAR 6
Welcome To Night Vale Pantages SAT MAY 2
Lady Lamb The Beekeeper 7th St Entry TUE MAY 5
Torres 7th St Entry WED MAY 20

This Week at the Turf: January 27, 2015


Martin Dosh will be returning for the last night of his Turf Club Tuesday residency, The House of Dosh. He has said previously that this night will feature more of his electronic side, something that should delight longtime fans. His last three residency nights have been greeted with near sell-out crowds being treated to some awesome experimental and new jams from the multi-instrumentalist savant. And some still-unannounced friends will be joining him. He is no stranger to the Turf Club, and one might say it is his favorite local venue. His work with The Cloak Ox, Andrew Bird, and Ghostband has made huge waves here in the Twin Cities for years now, and is treating his many fans with this great concert series on Tuesdays of this month.

Sounds like: Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Four Tet


Born in Wisconsin, raised in Nashville, Sarah Lou Richards will be bringing her light-hearted twang to the Turf Club stage this Wednesday night. Taking heavy inspiration from her hero, Shania Twain, the singer/songwriter realized not too long ago that she had a message to tell the world. After being raised in Wisconsin, she did not even own her own guitar, changing her trajectory in 2007 after moving to Nashville. She will be releasing her long-awaited new album, The Woman Behind the Curtain - the third part of her trio of albums alluding to The Wizard of Oz. Local singer/songwriter Savannah Smith will be assisting as well, bringing her warm tunes and YouTube fame to the stage.

Sounds like: Shania Twain, Nikki Lane, Taylor Swift


In memory of the late music writer Tom Hallet, the Turf will be hosting a very special night this Thursday. Many longtime readers and friends were shocked with his passing this past August in a brave battle with diabetes. One of his favorite venues, the Turf Club, is the only appropriate place to host this event, and we will be doing so with a slew of friends and artists. Several artists have not been spotted frequenting the venues in the last few years, rather coming up to support Tom Hallet and his legacy in the Twin Cities. Stereo Rules, Ol' Yeller, Peal, Frances Gumm, St. Dominic's Trio, Al Grande Trio, the infamous Martin Devaney, The Mammy Nuns, and Howlin' Andy Hound & The Bloodshot will be paying tribute to the massive legacy left behind by Tommy Gunn. Don't miss this very special night this Thursday at the Turf!

Sounds like: John Fahey, Peter Lang, Jack Rose


Self-described as explosive, yet intimate, Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound will be taking over the Turf as the weekend begins this Friday. Performing with heavy influences of New Orleans in their soul, funk, and bluesy rhythms. Paul Cebar has been performing and honing his skill throughout the world, including locations such as Africa, the Caribbean, Cuba, and Florida. At his core, he is a master lyricist, being named as an inspiration to numerous songwriters in his field such as Nick Lowe, Bonnie Raitt and John Hiatt. His group, Tomorrow Sound, make a small band feel huge, with their countless talents and instruments they are able to work with with several lifetimes' worth of musicianship.

Sounds like: Nick Lowe, Bonnie Raitt, John Hiatt


Comedian Joe Mande will be making his Turf Club debut Saturday night. The 31 year old writer, who is based out of New York City is best known for his superb writing for wildly popular TV show Parks and Recreation. His comedic work does not stop at writing, as his talents are not restricted to any one medium. He is a prolific Tweeter and has thousands of devout followers of his website, podcasts, and other collaborations, such as a comedy album with Fabolous, Roby Hibbert and Aziz Ansari. He also holds writing credits for several comedic songs featured across television and the internet, notably for the Nick Kroll's Kroll Show. Be sure not to miss this intimate comedy set, as Joe Mande doesn't have any other Minnesota shows scheduled in his tour.

Sounds like: Louis CK, Rob Delaney, Nick Kroll


The infamous Rhett Miller of alt-country band Old 97's will be playing the Turf Club this Sunday night in a very short tour he has announced. His unforgettable 2012 album, The Dreamer, was received with high praise from music critics and fans alike, his first self-produced record. A true sign of a talented rock veteran. His brilliant solo career spans five albums, and his work as the frontman of Old 97's complements that of his own quite nicely. As the head of his own label, Maximum Sunshine Records, he has had the opportunity to work with several big name collaborators, such as Jon Brion (Elliot Smith, Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple). Old 97's put on a hell of a show this past June in the Mainroom, so be sure to catch Rhett's solo set in the venerable Turf Club this Sunday night.

Sounds like: Old 97's, Ryan Bingham, Drive-By Truckers

MONDAY – American Primitive with MATT SOWELL | KYLE FOSBURGH | NIC GARCIA (Clown Lounge)

The famous Turf Club basement, otherwise known as the Clown Lounge, will be hosting another night of American Primitive! This avant-garde-folk genre has captivated Twin Cities audiences for years, and we will be featuring three artists who are especially skilled in their crafts. Matt Sowell, of Philadelphia, being heavily influenced by stylings of John Fahey, is a constantly-evolving guitar player. His rustic guitar tunes match with Americana blues so perfectly. Joining him will be Kyle Fosburgh, the talented young musician who is known for his incredibly polished guitar work, seemingly effortless performances, and beautiful folk-ballads. Rounding out the night will be Nic Garcia, the North Dakota native that can create dark, dream-folk music with ease using his haunting voice and skeletal/minimal guitar work.

Sounds like: John Fahey, Frankie Lee, Bruce Springsteen

Blogs written by Andy Moe

This Week in the Entry: January 26, 2015


Tomorrow night in the Entry will be a double-headlining showcase featuring not one, but two EP release shows, including the powerful force that is Atomic Lights. This alternative rock band combines the true variety of music tastes between all the bandmembers, with the ability to switch between ska and metal in one song. Joining them will be hard rockers Redshift-- a perfect duo of bands. These grunge rockers are one of the more intense acts to play in the Entry in recent memory. With songs such as "Hypnothermia" and "Psychic Canine Overlords", this band is prepared to rip your face off during a show, then keep on rockin. They claim to want to be the "best man" in a wedding of beauty and brutality, and their sounds are sure to resonate with heavy rock fans all around.

Sounds like: Nirvana, The Offspring, Mudhoney


The Lioness will be featured in a specialty night we are hosting tomorrow in the Entry. We will be featuring multiple women of color-- with some of the most talented artists the Twin Cities have to offer. Hip hop queen The Lioness will be kicking things off, with music from her mixtape Most Anticipated. She takes influence from hard hitting hip hop stars such as Missy Elliot and Azaelia Banks. Joining her will be the local favorite, Dra Muzic whose wordplay may remind one of Nicki Minaj, but don't be mistaken-- this Twin Cities artist is far more talented. Also on the bill will be the mega-talented K.Raydio, who made a name for herself through numerous performances around the metro area in the past few years. She earned a large following as well with her collaboration with Psymun in LucidDreamingSkylines.

Sounds like: Azaelia Banks, Missy Elliot, Toki Wright

THURSDAY – Radio K's Gigawatt featuring NE-HI

Rising Chicago indie rock band NE-HI have been selected for this year's Radio K feature, Gigawatt. The radio station is celebrating their 22nd anniversary this year, and will be hosting an equally big show Thursday night in the Entry. NE-HI could be described as nostalgic rock, and had no problem winning over a Minneapolis crowd last year when they were opening the 21st Birthday Party for Radio K with Twin Peaks. This, however, will be their first headlining show here at First Ave, always a landmark event for buzz bands like NE-HI. Catch them this Thursday night, with support from locals Teenage Moods and Shakin' Babies.

Sounds like: Twin Peaks, The Orwells, Wavves

FRIDAY – RONiiA LP Release Show

RONiiA may be a new band in the Minneapolis scene here, but the collective members couldn't be more familiar with live shows. Consisting of Nona Marie, the singer of critically acclaimed folk group Dark Dark Dark. Her voice was particularly noted for its exceptionality and flexibility. One of the members of Marijuana Deathsquads (known for putting on the most intense live sets in the area) Mark McGee is a part of the trio, known for his scary-dark production. Fletcher Barnhill from FUGITIVE fills out the group. Their support for Marijuana Deathsquads last month created some remarkable buzz for this newly-formed dark electronic trio. Don't miss their debut LP release show this Friday night!

Sounds like: Marijuana Deathsquads, Bat For Lashes, tiny deaths


Los Angeles buzz band Saint Motel are coming to town this Saturday night for a highly-anticipated show in the 7th St Entry. The quartet has managed to craft their indie pop in a very unique approach, with songs such as "My Type", which could get any dancefloor going wild in no time. Their music has been influenced by tropical, big band and Latin music in their newest effort, blending their joyful melodies and thematic lyrics with ease. They normally incorporate some subtext into all of their lyrics and graceful music. Be sure not to miss their show this Saturday, as they will be performing material from their upcoming

Sounds like: Cold War Kids, Mark Ronson, Fitz & The Tantrums


Indie rock will be taking a trip to this this Sunday night, featuring some of the budding psych-rock bands here in the Twin Cities. While many of these projects have very little web presence, isn't that how it used to be with acts such as Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters? These groups put far more work into their live shows, preferring the old fashioned technique of "letting the music do the talking" as these groups have full sets prepared for their quad-headlining night. Nathan Reeder will be experimenting with some of his newest material, recently releasing a preview of his "no wave sludge trash" music titled "Sludge". These half psych, half garage punk bands will be sure to put on a perfect show for the venerable 7th St Entry, and we can sure to see some long renditions of their classic tunes.

Sounds like: Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy

[Andy Moe]

Tickets On Sale This Week: January 22, 2015

Tickets On Sale This Week: January 22, 2015

ON SALE: Friday, January 23 at 10:00am CT

Damien Jurado 7th St Entry THU FEB 19
Two Gallants 7th St Entry THU APR 23

ON SALE: Friday, January 23 at noon CT

Cheap Girls Turf Club FRI FEB 27
The King Khan & BBQ Show Turf Club MON MAR 9
Tycho Mainroom SUN MAR 22
J Boog ‘Keep Di Road Dusty’ Tour Triple Rock FRI MAR 27
The Mountain Goats The Cedar SUN APR 19
Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Mainroom WED APR 22
Whitehorse 7th St Entry TUE APR 28
Welcome To Night Vale Pantages FRI MAY 1
Inter Arma 7th St Entry WED MAY 13
The Damnwells Turf Club SAT MAY 16


Anti-Human - Live Electronic Music v2.1 7th St Entry WED FEB 4
An Evening of Tributes Turf Club FRI FEB 6
The Splendid End 7th St Entry WED FEB 11
Whatever Forever | The Chambermaids | Lou Barlow (solo) Turf Club THU FEB 12
Tired Eyes | Lou Barlow (solo) Turf Club FRI FEB 13
System presents Matt Rissi & Jesse Jakob Record Room FRI FEB 13
Mike The Martyr Marbury Record Release Show 7th St Entry SAT FEB 14
Kill It! Comedy & Variety Show Clown Lounge SUN FEB 15
Dopapod 7th St Entry SAT APR 4
Max Jury 7th St Entry THU APR 9
Joe Pug Turf Club THU APR 9
Diarrhea Planet | Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires Turf Club THU APR 23

This Week at the Turf: January 20, 2015


The ever-changing and highly-exciting House of DOSH residency continues this Tuesday at the Turf Club. His last two residency nights have been greeted with near sell-out crowds being treated to some awesome experimental and new jams from the multi-instrumentalist savant, and Minneapolis native Martin Dosh. This Tuesday he promises a hip-hop night, inviting some still-unannounced friends to be joining him. He is no stranger to the Turf Club, and one may say it is his potential favorite. His work with The Cloak Ox, Andrew Bird, and Ghostband has made huge waves here in the Twin Cities for years now, and is treating his many fans with this great concert series on Tuesdays of this month.

Sounds like: Four Tet, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin



Local "Surf punk blast" rockers Ripper will be releasing their debut EP this Wednesday night at the Turf Club, joined by Danger Ron & The Spins and Donx. The grunge/garage rockers will be performing and selling tapes of their self-titled three-track EP at the show. The group features old school "first take" production, with Danny Holden on lead guitar and vocals, Jeff Brown on drums, Noah Paster on bass, and Mark Schumacher on second guitar. Their high energy punk rock is powerful and fast, and makes for some serious head banging, as most of the tracks clock in at under 2:30. Don't miss this promising power band in the Entry before they blow up soon enough, and check out their awesome performance from this past summer in the video to the right.

Sounds like: Parquet Courts, FIDLAR, Husker Du


Formerly Cedar Avenue, this group has recently changed the direction of their sound into an exciting new genre. They've since ditched their previous pop-sounding ambiance for a new primal and minimalistic tone, effortlessly layering guitars, synths, and beautiful melodies into their newest Siren EP, which has garnered serious airplay on indie airwaves nationwide. Post-rockers Apollos will be joining, also from the Minneapolis area. In addition to this already awesome lineup, husband/wife duo Oklahoma will be bringing their talents to the Turf stage for their debut in St. Paul.

Sounds like: William Tell, Nick Jonas, Mat Kearney


FRIDAY – Red Bull Crashed Ice Welcome Party

In lead-up to the famous St. Paul Red Bull Crashed Ice Event, the Turf will be hosting a FREE event this Friday, featuring some serious Twin Cities talent. Minneapolis' own Lizzo will be rapping and singing, becoming a favorite here in the area and was just recently announced to be the Sleater-Kinney opening act for their upcoming tour. Infamous DJ Shannon Blowtorch will be also joining the crew, known for her work with All the Pretty Horses and for being a highly-talented sound engineer. She is currently working with Le Tigre's current project, MEN and for throwing some of the best dance parties in the area. Jonathan Ackerman will also be on the bill, known for his work as the Northern Grade music manager. Catch them all this Friday before the big event!

Sounds like: Missy Elliot, MEN, Terry Mullan


Unpredictable group Head for the Hills will be showcased this Saturday night at the Turf. Their neo-bluegrass, alt-string music has been genre-defying, and extremely fun-- and perfect for the Turf club audience. They've been named the best bluegrass out of Colorado, and have won numerous accolades for their work. Their influences and tastes are far-reaching, each finding the genre late in life, which has worked as a heavy advantage for the tunes they create, pulling from indie rock, jazz, hip-hop, and even world music. They're able to stitch these sounds together to create their own, winning over SXSW and Bluegrass Festival audiences for the past few years. Their CMJ Top 200 charting garnered a much larger audience for the group, for this highly anticipated Turf Club show. Grab a ticket soon if you haven't already!

Sounds like: Trampled By Turtles, Charlie Parr, Railroad Earth


SUNDAY – Clown Lounge Sundays with FRANKIE LEE & Friends

Frankie Lee will be hosting yet another Clown Lounge Sunday in the Turf Club basement, following his epic, sold-out performance last Sunday. For only five dollars it is possible to catch one of the most celebrated folk artists in the Twin Cities currently performing. His weary alternative country tunes will make anyone shed a tear, filling the breaks with lyrics containing heartbreak, loneliness, and the drag of city life. Don't miss this heartfelt songs of local Frankie Lee every Sunday this month!

Sounds like: Sounds like: Bob Dylan, Dave Simonett, Neil Young


[Andy Moe]

This Week in the Entry: January 20, 2015


Last month Finding Novyon released his epic Keep Going EP, heading the DIY movement here in Minneapolis, with aggressive and impressive self-promotions and building himself a huge Twitter and social media following in the process. He has come out with five different releases in the past two years alone, with the Travis Gorman collaboration, The Food Network, set to debut this spring. His incredible production and lyricism set him apart from the pack, so be sure not to miss his second 7th St appearance. His guest spot this past August at our So Cold Dance Party is not to be forgotten.

Sounds like: Allan Kingdom, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q


First Ave veterans and one of Minneapolis' favorite indie rock bands France Camp will be returning to their stomping grounds, the 7th St Entry tomorrow night. They will be sharing headlining duties with Madison band Dolores and Minneapolis rock trio Whatever Forever. France Camp is no stranger to the First Ave venues, hosting his unforgettable album release party this past year, and assisting other large names such as FIDLAR, Stereo Confession, and The Vaccines recently. Their LP on the local and rising label Forged Artifacts has been making its way around the music-sphere in the past year, and is incredible to be heard live.

Sounds like: Ex Hex, FIDLAR, Martha


Exciting local musician Daniel will be headlining his first First Avenue performance this Thursday night. This past October lead singer Daniel Olson shared the 7th St stage with Otis Heat, in one of the most high-energy sets we saw last year. His cosmic indie rock will remind listeners of the Ziggy Stardust age of David Bowie, while still providing a gritty rock feel that Twin Cities concertgoers are known to love. His fabulous Spaceside Summer EP was released last August, and was mastered by local producer Aaron Sunde to critical acclaim. They've been mixed and mastered to perfection, with drummer Mike Horick on the sticks.

Sounds like: Gary Numan, David Bowie, Brian Eno


Singer/producer Elliot Moss, hailing from New York City released his debut album, Highspeeds in 2013 to instant acclaim and is still riding a wave of indie buzz leading up to his Friday 7th St show. His beautiful falsetto, layering vocals and synths all around his music effortlessly, provides for a wonderful downtempo electronic soundscape, working in guitars and various instruments into his mixes. His work as a visual artist also may contribute to his new-age sounding music, releasing his DIY album in which he self-produced, mixed and recorded. This extremely talented musician will be sure to put on a great 7th St debut, don't miss it this Friday night.

Sounds like: Mat Kearney, Tycho, Sylvan Esso


Rob Phillips led group Old Desert Road will be hosting their release party at the Entry this weekend, being their first time headlining the venue. They've been joined previously by other local groups, with this Saturday being the exception. The four exceptional musicians that make up the group are guitarists Rob Phillips and Jeff Kruse, piano and singer Jennifer Peterson, and percussionist Eric Kramlinger. They will be performing their newest Fall EP, which is currently being recorded at local Hideaway Studios in Northeast Minneapolis. Their Tour Guide EP was very well received here in the Twin Cities and we are more than excited to see the new material the group has been cooking up.

Sounds like: Neil Young, The Decemberists, Avett Brothers


Former Minneapolis resident and singer/songwriter Quinn Tsan will be bringing her talents to the Entry stage this Sunday night, now based out of Chicago. Her history mirrors the upbringing of the eccentric FKA twigs, being a classically trained dancer, turned backup singer and dancer, turned full blown solo artist. Her dance moves and music have been swooning audiences for years now, and her soft vocals and beautiful lyrics have culminated to produce a very close connection between Quinn and her listeners. She is sure to put on an extremely intimate set, perfect for her deeply personal music.

Sounds like: Sharon Van Etten, Mazzy Star, Karen Dalton

[Andy Moe]

Instagram: Sam Cassidy sound checks for Best New Bands

Sam Cassidy sound checks for tonight’s Best New Bands showcase.

Check them out with Hippo Campus (@thehalocline), PaviElle, Suzie, @tinydeaths, Warey, and Zuluzuluu.
Doors @ 7pm, $7! (at First Avenue & 7th St. Entry)

Interview: Ryan Olcott of 12 Rods

Ryan Olcott is the founding member and lead singer of Minneapolis alternative rock band 12 Rods. The band found success in the ‘90s before disbanding in 1998, to be reunited tonight in a highly-anticipated First Avenue Mainroom show.

Interview by Andy Moe

First Avenue: This will be 12 Rods’ first Mainroom show in ten years, how are you feeling today as you look back?

Ryan Olcott: I feel good. I’m a little stressed but okay.

FA: You have mentioned you are reuniting every member of the band for your upcoming Mainroom show - tell me a little bit about the whole process of reuniting a group that has had several iterations.

Olcott: It's kinda been a pain in the ass but hopefully everything works itself out.

FA: You’ve been posting some photos of the band on Facebook rehearsing for the first time in over a decade, how does it feel playing your old tracks again?

Olcott: It’s been weird but fun.

FA: Your records do not seem to appear to be on Spotify, Rdio or other streaming services, what are your thoughts towards these products-- as an artist who released most of his work before these sites were established?

Olcott: I don't care about the industry anymore and all these crazy-ass services. If anyone wants to hear our music, there are a dozen ways to do so.

FA: Are there any local bands that have stood out the most in the past few years, including the exciting Fort Wilson Riot, whom you have worked with.

Olcott: Yeah. There's a lot. I book the fuck out of the Kitty Cat Klub so I see interesting local bands every day. Minneapolis and St. Paul are still good like that.

FA: How do you feel music has changed here in Minneapolis since the ‘90s?

Olcott: The music hasn't changed so much. People still like to play grunge, that's for fucking sure...but they're young, not even 21 yet. So, in that perspective, it's pretty cool. The kids are alright.

89.3 The Current & City Pages present
First Avenue Mainroom
Friday, January 16, 2015
with Rupert Angeleyes
$20 | 8pm | 18+


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