This Week at the Turf Club: Nov 25, 2014

Wednesday: Fleetwood Magic: Night of 100 Stevies

DJ Jen Hughes will be MC’ing the all-local tribute show to the legendary Fleetwood Mac this Wednesday night at the Turf! Performances by tiny deaths, Red Daughters, Just Perfect (aka Brian Just Band), and Invisible Boy and Co. (featuring members of Polica & Heavy Deeds). They will be paying large tribute to the influential London rock group fronted by Stevie Nicks and John McVie. Their second album, Rumours is a staple of any best album list out there, being the sixth most popular album of all time. Even if you caught their Target Center gig in September (and especially if you didn’t), it will be a night to remember for any Mac fan, hearing their unmistakable tunes inside a smaller venue, like the venerable Turf!

Sounds like: Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham

Thursday: STARAOKE

Known for their wide-reaching and expansive playlists, Staraoke will be taking over the Turf Club this Thanksgiving night (The club will open at 6pm on Thursday). Staraoke is a forum for any music fan to be able to belt out the lyrics to some of their favorite tunes unabashed and unashamed, led by longtime host Arzu Gokcen, who wants you to do just that. Sick of karaokes that place too much emphasis on the singer, often causing some nervousness to take over, Staraoke works to resolve that, making any punk cover sound like a real punk band on stage, same goes for pop songs, rock songs, and even hip-hop. For those seeking post-Thanksgiving dinner plans, Staraoke at the Turf has you covered. Come work off the turkey weight!

Sounds like: The best karaoke in town

Friday: Appetite For Zaccardi | All Tomorrow’s Petty | Private Oates

We’ll be hosting some of our favorite local artists this Friday at the Turf to perform songs by some past rock stars, who unfortunately aren’t likely to be playing the Turf anytime, in the near future. These rock collectives prefer to consider themselves a large bunch of friends getting together on stage, playing some of everyone’s favorite tunes from these classic groups (theirs and yours) while you (and them) get to kick back and have a drink. The atmosphere created brings a very laid back feel to what would normally be a packed Xcel or Target Center reunion show. Stop by the Turf this Friday night and hear some of your favorite songs from Guns N Roses, Tom Petty, and Hall & Oates performed by some of the most talented musicians in the Twin Cities.

Sounds like: Guns N Roses, Tom Petty, Hall & Oates


The lovely Lydia Loveless will be blessing St. Paul audiences with her gorgeous alt-folk tunes Saturday night at the Turf. This Columbus native grew up in rural Ohio, a strong influence into her current music, and has since found a touring band after being exclusively with family members previously. Singing and writing since age 12 explains her confidence and amazing stage presence at her shows. She is not the cookie cutter folk rock star one may imagine, however, crossing over into punk territory frequently. Her full band has only complemented her live set, making waves amongst critics for having the ability to take an audience on a rollercoaster of emotions and tug at your heart and send you into rock n roll bliss simultaneously. Catch her headlining the Turf this Saturday!

Sounds like: Neko Case, Drive-By Truckers, Lucinda Williams


Los Angeles group Allah-Las will be rocking the Turf Club next Monday night, bringing their West Coast garage rock to the Twin Cities for their first headlining gig, previously supporting acts like The Black Angels and Nick Waterhouse (who produced their debut release) in the past few years. Their second release, Worship the Sun has caught the attention of many fans and critics alike— opting for a more formal recording process than most DIY indie rock artists of the same area. Working at the famous Amoeba Records in L.A. is how three of the four members met, Allah-Lahs have put in some serious studio time perfecting both of their exquisitely produced records, opting for a 1960’s garage rock feel— making the listener assume it was thrown together in a few days. On the contrary, both releases can be more appreciated upon repeated listens to fully appreciate the labors implemented into their dark-surf-garage-punk sound.

Sounds like: Ty Segall, Black Lips, Neil Young

#FacesOfFirstAve: Ryo Suguro

What’s your name?
Ryoji Suguro

FA: Who are you?
R: I’m from Japan, I was born there. My mom is Sri Lankan. I’ve spent time there too. I came here for high school because my grandmother lived here, so she sponsored me for a student visa and I ended up in Minneapolis.
FA: Did you stay because you liked it, or did you stay because it was a better life choice at the time?
R: It was a better life choice at the time because I liked it.

FA: And why are you here today?
R: Today I’m here working for Atmosphere, and I’m a lighting designer. And I work for First Avenue, seldomly these days, but I’m still an employee. I mean, I am special teams. I’m like the punter in a football game. I just kind of come in when I’m needed, do my job, get a pat on the head, and go out to the sidelines until I’m needed again.

FA: What’s up with the Rhymesayers disco ball?
I guess that’s my pièce de résistance for Rhymesayers. It all started with Bird because he always came out to shows and was like “Hey! You gotta get a disco ball.” He was just talking about a regular, round disco ball, you know? One year, I was like, “Listen, we do this Rhymesayers afterparty for Soundset and we should make a centerpiece for it because all the Rhymesayers acts come up for it.” So I presented him the Rhymesayers logo, but made that into a mirrorball. And they were actually kind of interested.
FA: What are the dimensions of this thing? All I know is that it’s giant.
R: It’s 6 feet wide, 5.5 feet tall, about 1.5 feet thick, and it weighs about 200lbs. It has actual glass, not plexiglass, and it’s fully custom-built and kind of a pain in the butt. Every year I hang it up at First Avenue and the whole time it’s up in the air – which is about 12 hours – I think I’m going to have a heart attack.
FA: It’s totally a danger ball! There’s no way you’re taking that on tour…
R: I HAVE taken it on tour! Lots of cuts on my hands to prove it.

Ryo is a man of intellect and leisure, coming to a town near you, worldwide. Hit him up… you won’t regret it. 

This Week in the Entry: Nov 24, 2014


We’re kicking off this week in the Entry with a triple-headlining show, featuring talent exclusively from around Minneapolis. Each of these local favorites feature their own twist on wildly different genres, so it is expected to cater to the interests of most Minneapolis concertgoers. The Minneapolis Chamber of Roustabouts are some hard-hitting lo-fi junkyard music. They've got a bit of hip hop and a bit of grunge and even a cello on stage. Note: must see to believe. Half Irish pub, half punk group The Tim Malloys weave the sounds of traditional Irish rock and classic Minneapolis sensibility, releasing records around the metro since 1994. In a relative turn of pace, Marah in the Mainsail will also be putting on a performance, a favorite of local Trampled By Turtles and folk music fans alike, with a slight nod to punk music on many of their tracks. Stay up on the locals! Catch all three performances Monday night.

Sounds like: Tom Waits (Roustabouts), The Suburbs (Malloys), Trampled By Turtles (Marah)


It is going to be a mysterious night in the Entry on Tuesday night, highlighting local talent during the ILLUMINATI PARTY. Genre-crossing group False Teeth will be performing in the Entry for the first time, with ability to switch between classic indie rock and nu-wave hip hop effortlessly within their tracks. Bobby Phisher & Matt Sandstedt combine to make up this local duo, touring behind their newest EP, Grapefruit. Lo-fi trip hop artist Cruel Love will also be co-headlining the Illuminati Party. Minneapolis artist is yet another genre-crosser incorporating a fuzzy electronic sound throughout her debut self-titled record which was released this past October, featuring a few hip-hop features that might surprise you. Other acts include Party Science and the self-described post-sexual-future-history group Pornonono. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss that.

Sounds like: Speedy Ortiz, EMA, PJ Harvey

Wednesday: ST. PAUL SLIM

Hard-hitting rap fans are expected to be flocking to the Entry this Wednesday as St. Paul Slim will be headlining his own show, presented by True North Entertainment. He will be accompanied by a slew of budding hip-hop artists including D. Cannons, Nicky Gwiggs, Walt Trab, Po’etikit, Create & JAYLAP, Halogen One, David Graft, and the infamous SOFTPORECORN. St. Paul Slim has worked as a father-figure of sorts for many artists like the one featured this Wednesday night, working to breath fresh air into the Twin Cities hip hop scene. He is known for performing prolifically, wherever he is needed and his ability to win over non-listeners within just a few tracks. If you haven’t heard, check him out this Wednesday.

Sounds like: Jay-Z, Big K.R.I.T., Wakka Flakka


New-age electronic acts will be taking the reigns of 7th St this Thursday, highlighted by Profresher, responsible for some of the freshest and most crisp synth lines playing today. With a 90’s throwback feel throughout his catalog, there’s no reason why anyone at his set won’t be groovin' out and shakin' booties. He will not be alone either, being accompanied by acts such as Meinong’s Jungle, known for their eclectic sound stemming from just a two-person group led by artists Sam Rivkin and Eric VanderVorste. They incorporate glitch, jazz and hip-hop into their sets, often playing improvised shows. These two acts will be joined by local collective Upstanding Hoodrat, combining their jazz knowledge with live hip-hop and EDM, creating a highly unique sound that begs to be heard live. Alien Brain Food will also be performing, catch all of these local electro-wunderkinds Thursday night at the Entry!

Sounds like: Washed Out, Generationals, Matt & Kim


Minneapolis’ favorite rock band hasn’t booked their return gig at First Ave just yet, but in the meantime some of the best talent in the area will be performing some of their hits, as well as a rendition of the classic Replacements album Don’t Tell A Soul. Local features include Gabe Douglas of the 4onthefloor, Curtiss A of Twin-Tone records, budding indie talent Frankie Teardrop and members of Hippo Campus, Night Moves, and tiny deaths. It’ll be a local event on all fronts, so be prepared to groove out and discover a few artists you might not know this Friday night. It’s always an extremely-anticipated event, so get there early!

Sounds like: The Replacements, Paul Westerberg

Saturday: HIPPO CAMPUS EP Release Celebration Bonanza (SOLD OUT)

Minneapolis darlings Hippo Campus will be celebrating their newest EP, Bashful Creatures, this Saturday in a sold-out release party in the Entry. The gatekeeper of all up-and-coming bands in Minneapolis is known to be a sold-out Entry show, and these former U students have done just that. Dominating college radio indie rock stations across the country, notably at Radio K, these four young indie-dance-rockers have earned themselves a large local following, and while they have appeared on many First Ave bills previously, it appears they are emerging from their shell-- and will hopefully be making the Mainroom jump soon enough. Expect big things of this group, ranked as one of the best local acts by CityPages the last few years, narrowly edged for the top spot this year.

Sounds like: Vampire Weekend, Real Estate, Stornoway


Local music fans unite-- we will be hosting four budding bands from around the Twin Cities on Sunday night. The Drug Budget, well-known for their large presence on stage, literally and figuratively. The group boasts 15+ members on stage and using their size to their advantage, with the ability to trade vocals and solos seamlessly, the groups still feels very tight. Garage rockers Nancy’s Raygun will be joining the bands onstage, with their single “My Kitchen Table” working with some serious Radio K airplay, and fuzzed out guitars all around. Chalk is another UMN staple band, with their stellar garage shows and Modest Mouse-feeling jams led by talented frontman Michael Voller. Danger Ron will be bringing his band, The Spins to the Entry also - the four piece rock band described as “danger rock”. They plan to be touring nationwide in 2015, so catch ‘em here while you can.

Sounds like: Fleetwood Mac (Drug Budget) Modest Mouse (Chalk), Velvet Underground (Danger Ron)

#FacesOfFirstAve: Dan Corrigan

First Avenue: What’s the one question you never want to answer again? 
Dan Corrigan: “What’s your favorite show?” My favorite show is the next one.
FA: You just answered it. I didn’t mean for you to do that.
DC: I love the fact that every day is different, that we’re going to have a beautiful show tonight, and you might have to wait a day or two, but there’s probably going to be a string of three or four beautiful shows after that.
FA: Is that what keeps people around here so long?
DC: It’s funny, I have a way that when I see new hires… I look at them and if they can be a character in a pirate movie, if I can see it in my head, I give them a pretty good chance of sticking around. Micah once said to me “First Ave is a pirate ship that goes nowhere.” I love that. I think he totally nailed it. Speaking for myself, I think it’s the idea that you’re a part of something big, a part of something that is alive and important.

FA: What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?
DC: When I was going to college my intentions were fully to get a job with the CIA. Central America was big back then. I was taking Spanish classes and linguistics and was doing code stuff and I knew orienteering and map reading and I knew how to shoot and…
FA: Shoot guns or shoot cameras?
DC: Guns. For my degree I had to take an art class and I even tried to petition out of it but I was told “No matter what you do, you’ll be better off having an art class. I’m not going to let you out of it.” Photography was the most popular art class so they had to do a lottery for letting people in. The quarter came up I wanted it, and just by chance the letters for the lottery were, like, Ca- to Cu-. FA: You won the LOTTERY for your FUTURE?
DC: Yup. I got into a photography class and I just seemed to get it. I’ll never forget watching a print come up in the developer going “Wow. I want to do this again.” At the end of my third year I basically started over again. I was a Spanish and Linguistics major and I totally changed it to Studio Art and Photography… I still think think I would’ve been a good spook.

FA: You should know I’m absolutely terrified to take your picture.
DC: Let’s go find some nice light.


Today Dan spends his time radiating positivity while fortifying the club’s hull more than flexing his legendary camera skills… just the way he wants it.

Tickets On Sale This Week: Nov 20, 2014

ON SALE: Friday, November 21 at 10:00am CT

Bad Suns Triple Rock SAT FEB 7
Walk The Moon Mainroom FRI MAR 27
Walk The Moon Mainroom SAT MAR 28
Iration - Tales From The Sea Cabooze THU APR 16

ON SALE: Friday, November 21 at noon CT

Soul Asylum 7th St Entry WED DEC 17
Soul Asylum 7th St Entry THU DEC 18
Hippo Campus Triple Rock SAT DEC 27
Four Fists Triple Rock WED DEC 31
Prof Red Carpet
(St. Cloud)
Say Hi | Mike Adams At His Honest Weight Turf Club FRI JAN 9
Saint Motel 7th St Entry SAT JAN 31
Ne-Hi 7th St Entry THU JAN 29
An Evening with Chris Robinson Brotherhood Fine Line TUE FEB 3
Catfish and The Bottlemen 7th St Entry SAT FEB 21
Houndmouth Turf Club SAT FEB 21
The Districts 7th St Entry SUN FEB 22
Punch Brothers Mainroom SUN MAR 1
The Lone Bellow Turf Club TUE MAR 3
Lily & Madeleine Bryant Lake Bowl FRI MAR 6
The Dodos 7th St Entry SAT MAR 7
Viet Cong 7th St Entry THU MAR 12
Swervedriver Turf Club THU MAR 12
The Decemberists Northrop Aud TUE MAR 24
Clean Bandit Mainroom SUN APR 5
Six Organs of Admittance 7th St Entry TUE APR 21


The Paper Days | Small Town Anthem | Old Desert Road 7th St Entry MON DEC 1
Fuck Knights | Thelma and The Sleaze
Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band
7th St Entry WED DEC 10
The Cactus Blossoms | Erik Koskinen Turf Club WED DEC 10
The Main Event ft. Audiyo Element, Up Rock, & more Mainroom SAT DEC 27
Suzie Tour Kickoff 7th St Entry SAT DEC 27
Sloslylove | Sayth & Wealthy Relative
North House | Venue Vanity
7th St Entry WED JAN 7
Dan Mariska & The Boys Choir | The Person & The People
Wyatt Overmann | Robat
7th St Entry THU JAN 8
Wrestlepalooza V Mainroom FRI JAN 9
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake Turf Club THU FEB 19

New Dance Nights in the Record Room

Here's the brand new line-up for First Avenue's monthly Record Room dance nights. Debuting this Friday in the Record Room, and then every third Friday of the month:


First Avenue Record Room
Friday, November 21, 2014
$5.00 / 10:00PM / 18+

Presented by First Avenue, Yelp and Party Science


First Saturday of the Month in the Record Room:

DEQUEXATRON: Rap Dance Party

Bobby Raps, tiiiiiiiiiip + Special Guests
First Avenue Record Room
Saturday, December 6, 2014
Free this month / 11:00PM / 18+

Presented by Audio Perm



Second Saturday of the Month in the Record Room:


All booty bouncin' jams all night. TWERK DAT is one of the only places in Minneapolis where you can shake your butts all night long to Trap, Hip Hop, Twerk, Jersey Club, and more. TWERK DAT features the musical and visual stylings of DJ FooLProoF and ☁ (CLOUD) along with occasional special guests

TWERK DAT will debut:
First Avenue Record Room
Saturday, December 13, 2014
10:00pm / 18+
$3.00 advance / $5.00 w/RSVP at / $8.00 doors

Third Saturday of the Month in the Record Room:


LOUD YOUR KIDS is a new monthly record room night featuring the best in local and national talent. Everything from bass to techno, LOUD YOUR KIDS features the hottest up and coming acts bursting onto the scene and begging for an audience. The underground has found a home at First Avenue. Presented by Hydrive and Night By Night, featuring WYLD LYF + Special Guests.

Loud Your Kids' Record Room debut will be part of 2014 resident Vaski's end-of-year Mainroom event:


with special guests
First Avenue Mainroom
Plus the LOUD YOUR KIDS DJ Team featuring
First Avenue Record Room
Saturday, December 20, 2014
$15.00 advance / $20.00 doors / 9:00pm / 18+

Last Saturday of the Month in the Record Room:


A Drum & Bass/Urban Dance Night with EASYRIDER and MC BRACE + Special Guests

The minds of Minneapolis music promotion veterans from Konkrete Jungle Minneapolis, Jungle Vibe Collective, Konkrete Jungle Minneapolis, and many more legendary nights come together to host a new vision of upfront drum and bass and urban dance music. Urban Agenda will represent a refined spectrum of artists on the cutting edge of low-end dancefloor theory to classic jungle vibrations emanating from deep within the global underground. Every Last Saturday, debuting:


First Avenue Record Room
Saturday, December 27, 2014
10:00PM / 18+
$5.00 advance until Tuesday 12/23/14 at noon / $10:00 advance/doors after 12/23/14 at noon

Presented by Hydrive Shows and First Avenue

Get To Know The Locals: Funk on First Vol. 2 This Saturday in the Mainroom

What's the best part of Minneapolis's local scene?

New Sound Underground:
Apart from the fact that people actually go out to shows and support bands they like!? The people we get to work with - from other bands to venue managers, people are super respectful and easy to work with. In our corner of the scene at least, all the bands we know support each other and work to build everyone up.

McNasty Brass Band:
I'm into getting out and seeing the local scene live and hard at work. Minneapolis's local scene KILLS at pairing up original music with super-charged live shows.

Hustle Rose:
The best part of the Minneapolis music scene is that Funk and Soul bring the quality of musicianship back and the crowds want more! We are seeing big bands with horns, strings, old school organs, guitars and more vocalists than ever on stage with this revival of Funk and Soul.

Funk on First Vol. 2:
Friends and Family

First Avenue Mainroom
Saturday, November 22, 2014
with New Sound Underground
ft. Toki Wright and Reed Grimm,
PHO ft. Ashley Dubose
and Jellybean Johnson,
Hustle Rose ft. K.Raydio,
and McNasty Brass Band

$10.00 | 7:30pm door | 18+

You just posted on Facebook about a new album in the works. What can we expect without giving away too much?

New Sound Underground:
We've definitely been borrowing more elements from gospel music, so expect to hear more of the newer sounds we've been incorporating into the live show. You can also expect a different release format from our first album. There will still be a physical product, but we'll be experimenting with ways to make the release of the content more interactive.

As a musician, how would you define "success"?

New Sound Underground:
We're constantly changing what success means for us. Right now, we're super excited to be back at First Ave. Beyond this show, we'll make new goals for ourselves that are more ambitious than the last.

McNasty Brass Band:
Getting people to feel and react (wildly) to the energy we put into every show

Hustle Rose:
“Success” to Hustle Rose right now will be releasing our new record in late February to early March and being able to take that sound on the road without running out of money and food halfway through the tour.

What is your music background?

New Sound Underground:
Everyone in the band comes from a different place musically. From growing up with gospel every Sunday to studying classical music or jazz - as a collective, we've done it all. That diverse experience gives us a deep well to draw from when writing and arranging as a band.

McNasty Brass Band:
We're all working musicians on the scene. Each of us does everything from jobbing to playing our own music, but when the stars align, we come together to make a Megazord of a band - McNasty Brass Band.

Hustle Rose:
Our musical influences include Parliament Funkadelic, Al Green, Stax Records, The Beatles, James Brown, Prince and Raphael Saadiq.  The musicians and Hustle Rose come from a wide variety back musical backgrounds. The Hustle Horns, Noah and Nelson studied performance and jazz at The U of MN. Our drummer, Miguel Hurtado went to the Manhattan School of Music. Chris Smith on bass studied with Dave Brubeck for two years in California, than The New School for Jazz in New York. Rob Coleman grew up playing piano and organ in Church. Singer-Songwriter and guitar player David Glen grew up in house that never stopped playing records and picked up drums and guitar at a very young age. Chris, Miguel and David Glen all went to high school together at South High School in South Minneapolis, which is where Hustle Rose started in 2006.

With eleven band members how do you all find time to rehearse? Do you all play together at every show?

McNasty Brass Band:
Whoops - you got us. We do have a set rehearsal time, but naturally, there are conflicts... We do a good job of recording rehearsals and we're constantly keeping track of our rehearsal goals and progress. Once in a while we will miss a band mate dearly. Fortunately we have been trained to blow our horns EVEN louder in the case that we have a hole in our lineup.

What is it that draws you to funk music?

New Sound Underground:
It's uplifting music. It's a natural expression of who we are as musicians and as people.

McNasty Brass Band:
The grooves that force us to get nasty. 

Hustle Rose:
What draws us to Funk music is the power it has over all kinds of people. There is something so special about the freedom and simplicity of funk music that brings out dancing, screaming, laughing, and loving. It can be spacey, classy, dirty, clean, and it does not demand much except for you to give it ALL to the ONE.

How did Hustle Rose meet and start making music?

Hustle Rose:
Hustle Rose first started at South high school in South Minneapolis in 2006 with David Glen and bass player Chris Smith and a couple other musicians at the time. Miguel Hurtado went to the same school and replaced our original drummer shortly after high school. The Hustle Horns came into the picture in summer of 2011 when we wanted to bring in a soulful Stax Records/James Brown vibe to some of our songs. Rob Coleman on keys joined the band this year when David Glen brought him in from another funk band they play in together called #MPLS.

Hustle Rose originally started as a few kids just looking for something fun to do instead of our 6th hour in high school, but the creation and writing started in 2008 when we released our first EP, The Sugar Water. This was a collection of songs written by David Glen, Chris Smith and then lead guitar player Joe Moran. We were sick of covering songs and just wanted to see people singing and dancing to our own music and we made R&B, Rock and Roll, Blues jams.

Now with David Glen writing the bulk of the material, the band is focused in Funk and Soul driven songs. Hustle Rose is going to be releasing the first single, “Make You Mine” from the new record recorded at River Rock Studios entitled, Stay Up this week to promote the Funk on First gig.

#FacesOfFirstAve: Nathan “Tik Tak” Anderson

First Avenue: What’s your name?
Nathan “Tik Tak” Anderson

FA: Why do they call you Tik Tak?
TT: There were once too many Nathans, and Patty from Dillinger Four called my face tattoos “tik taks.” One day he called me from Florida to tell me that was my new name. I said “That’s not going to happen.” …and here we are, 15 years later, and I’m still Tik Tak.

FA: What was your first show working here?
TT: Inner Circle, the band that did “Bad Boys.” It was Thanksgiving of ‘93. They opened AND closed with the Cops’ theme song.

FA: When was the last time you requested time off for a show?
TT: Honestly? Probably the last one I wholeheartedly meant was The Cows when they played on my birthday maybe… ten years ago? It was The Cows and Babes in Toyland. No wait… I don’t know.
FA: Do you still enjoy bartending?
TT: Yeah, I do. I mean, it has its trying days of course, because people keep turning 21 every day. There’s a learning and a teaching process that people need to be shown how to act in public and with alcohol. There’s never going to be a day when everyone gets it, because every day someone turns 21.
FA: Oh my god. I never thought about that. It’s never going to stop or get better.

FA: Were you one of the people who told me early on that working here kills your love of music?
TT: It doesn’t “kill” it, but it makes your span for appreciating it much smaller. Like now, if it’s my favorite band, I still don’t want to watch them for more than 15, 20 minutes. I think it’s just the repetition of seeing three or four bands, five to six days a week, for however many years now. It’s like…
FA: Bands do band things.
TT: Yeah.

FA: Have you noticed a loss of hearing over the years?
TT: [turns to see if his wife is within earshot]
FA: Do you selectively ignore your wife!?
TT: Yes and no. [laughs] But not really. I do every once and a while get a slight ringing, or the onset of tinnitus, but it goes away after a while, which I’m amazed at actually. I just hope it’s not a switch where one day it’s like, “Whelp, there it went!” That’d be a bummer.


Say hi to Tik Tak next time you’re around. As a customer once told him, “You don’t look like it, but you’re a really nice, polite person!” 

This Week at the Turf Club: Nov 18, 2014

TUESDAY: Communion Clubnight November ft. MIKHAEL PASKALEV, COUNT THIS PENNY & more 

Communion Clubnight is the brainchild of Mumford & Sons keyboard player Ben Lovett. He’s been gearing up the Clubnights across 9 different cities for the past few years now, trying to incorporate a grassroots feel to a small tour involving live music, DJ’s and local pop-up shops in the cities hosting the events. St. Paul’s event will include artists such as Mikhael Paskalev and Count This Penny, with support from Peter Michael Miller (We Are The Willows). Mikhael is a Norwegian singer songwriter who counts Paul Simon, The Shins, and the Mamas and the Papas. Madison band Count this Penny will also be performing, who is no stranger to the Twin Cities, a folk rock four piece band who has found success after leaping to the top of the iTunes singer-songwriter charts with their debut EP. Bring your cowboy boots or dancing shoes as this show is going to have something for any local music fan tonight at the Turf.

Sounds like: The Shins, Everly Brothers, Edward Sharpe


Thursday night is comedy night at the Turf this week. Taking the comedy circuit by force, Gary has been hitting the late night shows recently, performing on Conan in just the past few weeks, he is famous for his successful runs on Last Comic Standing. He also attracted a much larger audience as the support for Dane Cook’s Tourgasm in which him and other up-and-coming comedians were featured. He is known for his clever takes on absurd and daily occurences in life. If you haven’t seen a stand-up show at the newly remodeled Turf Club yet, here is a great chance. Tickets still available for his late show! See you there.

Sounds like: Jay Leno, Dane Cook, Louis C.K.


Sam Roberts has gone into uncharted territory with his newest release, an experimental electro-rock sound that can be attributed to their listening of Death From Above 1979 recently. Another half can be attributed to their work with infamous producer Youth, who has a long list of projects, including Bittersweet Symphony and Paul McCartney’s band The Firemen. Roberts is famous for his songwriting prowess, effortlessly penning tracks that can be full out disco songs or psychedelic and dreamy tunes. Canadian indie rock group The Besnard Lakes will be co-headlining, famous for their Godspeed You! Black Emporer influences and full-out shoegaze rock, being nominated for the Polaris Prize twice now. It’s sure to be a wild time this Friday night at the Turf.

Sounds like: Atlas Sound, Papercuts, Destroyer


Portland folk-rock outfit will be returning to the Twin Cities this weekend, playing their fourth show here since 2011. Local crowds have loved their resemblance to their Midwestern folk sound of Yonder Mountain String Band, Trampled By Turtles, and others. Frontman Justin Ringle is an acoustic guitar savant, and was paired up with multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick in 2005, and the former Horse Feathers became the new, fleshed out Horse Feathers, with a much more full and vibrant sound. The band later added Ringle’s sister on violin, and recorded their newest effort, So It Is With Us on a farm in Oregon, helping them clear their minds and approach the newest recordings with fresh ideas. They will be performing their newest material for you this Saturday night at the Turf.

Sounds like: Iron & Wine, Tallest Man on Earth, Josh Tillman


Back-to-back Portland groups at the Turf this weekend, with Guantanamo Baywatch headlining the night after Horse Feathers. These groups may have come from the same city but couldn’t be more different in terms of sonics. Guantanamo Baywatch could be described s thrash-punk AM radio surf rock. If that is too much of a mouthful, maybe you will prefer their handful of southern-style jangly tunes. Guantanamo Baywatch refuses to be defined as any set genre, and this Portland cult group is destined to only grow further, as their extremely high-energy live shows are unrivaled. Don’t miss this eclectic group Sunday night at the Turf!

Sounds like: Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, King Tuff


L.A. quartet King Washington played it straight ahead on its 2012 debut The Gears, a statement that whether engaged in blues-rock, Americana or classic pop, singer-guitarist Tyson Kelly and crew knew their craft. Kelly, along with George Krikes, Billy Lee and Lucas Ventura, already have a follow-up album ready. Their latest LP, The Overload, is an equally sprawling collection produced by Alex Pfender (of yOya) that has something for everybody, and, quite possibly, their dads as well. The first single “Don’t Expect My Love” is a good old-fashioned glam stomp that would totally suit anybody’s 1970s needs except that the guitar solo is a little short. [Buzzbands LA]

Sounds like: Heartless Bastards, Dr. Dog, Delta Spirit

This Week in the 7th St Entry: Nov 17, 2014


Chris Forsyth is bringing his unstoppable live show to the Entry tonight, having released his first album with the Solar Motel Band, Intensity Ghost, just last month. This isn't Forsyth's first album with this backing group however, as they accompanied him on his previous tour in support of his widely-acclaimed solo release, Solar Motel. The group is known for their psych/art rock, displaying huge creative leaps and developments in the band’s sound as they had a hand in the creation of the newest effort. The group is full of music veterans, including the ex-War on Drugs drummer, Steven Urgo. Music is often compared to other experimental guitar aficionados, such as influential group Television. The live shows are intense, and Chris Forsyth makes sure each audience member gets their money’s worth. Catch Chris and the Solar Motel band tonight, it’ll be worth your while.

Sounds like: Grateful Dead, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Television

Tuesday: TANTRIC Blue Room Archives Tour

Veteran rockers Tantric will be headlining the Entry Tuesday night, performing behind their Blue Room Archives album that was released this past September. This hard-rock four piece started all the way back in 1998, the “good ‘ol" days of post-grunge bands. They've since had a long career consisting of six studio albums, their most recent having been released this past September. They’re famous for their electric violin live on stage, as well as their heavily distorted guitars and acoustic talent. This will be Tantric's first time performing in the 7th St Entry, so make sure that anyone you know vying for ‘90s rock is at this show, the band is known for their intense live renditions.

Sounds like: Seether, Fuel, Staind

Thursday: Mass Nerve Management Artist Showcase

Mass Nerve is getting together a strong group of local budding talent this Thursday night, featuring sets from Fort Wilson Riot, Tired Tongues, and Aaron & The Sea. Experimental, electronic music fans alike will take pleasure in the sounds of the evening, with all three groups representing Minneapolis talent. Aaron & The Sea can be described as dark, muddy lo-fi ambient electronic with mostly unfiltered vocals, makes for a great companion artist to Sylvan Esso. Fort Wilson riot represent the duo of Jacob Mullis and Amy Hager, an avant-garde pop being produced by 12 Rods frontman Ryan Olcott. DJ MAKR is a frequent Marijuana Deathsquads contributor and a part of Twin Cities bands such as Votel and the newly formed RONiiA.

Sounds like: Tycho, Phantogram, Boards of Canada


Don’t let the name confuse you Midwesterners, Daniel Ellsworth and his band, The Great Lakes, hail from Nashville-- but don’t let that trick you, as they are known for their undeniable synths and very respectable rock and roll sound. Their self-released debut album took the internet by storm, earning them a top album mention from many publications. The music community took notice, and for their sophomore release they worked with a former Jack White producer to refine their dance pop, indie rock sound in the studio, churning out one of Esquire’s favorite albums of the year, as well as wooing audiences nationwide with their surprisingly hard-hitting shows, known for sacrificing their bodies completely in the heat of the moment, breaking glasses and eardrums alike. This Friday in the Entry? Check out Daniel Ellsworth and his crew, you are sure to be impressed.

Sounds like: Passion Pit, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, The Raconteurs

Saturday: ED GEIN FAN CLUB “30th Anniversary Concert”

The local Ed Gein Fan Club bills themselves as Minnesota's only true punk-rock band - so self-described punks should take note. They’ll be headlining the Entry this Saturday night in what are referred to as some of “the most extreme” of shows that can be hosted in the beloved 7th St. This band has been around since 1985, touring around the Twin Cities handing out demo tapes left and right, slowly converting from a (real) garage band to an actual band, having their name christened by having it on a t-shirt, and someone asking if that was the band name. Their first gig in the Entry was in January of 1991, long before many of your favorite First Ave shows. Come join these Minneapolis rock veterans at their 30th anniversary this Saturday night for some head bangin’.

Sounds like: Hüsker Dü, Dinosaur Jr, FIDLAR

Sunday: WET

Beginning as a new-age bedroom project, with different recordings being shared via email as .zip files, WET, the NY synth-pop group has taken the music scene by storm, with their self-titled EP having been released in 2013. The group draws comparisons from Sylvan Esso, a Minneapolis favorite, and has no problem throwing ocean-y synths over Kelly Zutrau’s lovely voice. Wet crosses between indie electronic and dream pop, not afraid to put the listener into a huge hangar-sized soundscape with minimalistic acoustic guitars and reverb throughout. Check them out Sunday night in the Entry, with hyped local opener Votel.

Sounds like: Sylvan Esso, Beach House, Toro y Moi


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