Ahead of niiice.'s performance with 26 BATS!, Infinite Me, and Keep for Cheap in the 7th St Entry on August 14, we got to ask Sage Livergood, Roddie Gadeberg, and Abe Anderson a few questions. Read what they had to say below:

Joely Kelzer: You have collabed with the loveable Gully Boys, what is another niiice. collab you would love to happen? 
niiice.: Stars Hollow, from Iowa, is one of our favorite bands, and we got a big ol tour with them this fall that I’m really stoked about.

JK: Who are your biggest influences as far as your style of music?
niiice.: I’d say bands like Tommy Boys, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, and Nirvana especially. I’ve seen Prince Daddy at the Entry and it was D O P E.

JK: What famous song do you wish you had written?
niiice.: Ricky by Denzel Curry. 100% sick.

JK: Is there a niiice story on how the band met?
niiice.: me (Roddie) and Sage are both from different cities in Montana, and never really knew each other but we happened to go to the same college, and Abe is from Cannon Falls. We all moved to the cities in the same year and met pretty soon after we moved here. Love those guys, they my dawgs for real

JK: What would you describe your vibe in 5 words or less?
niiice.: Goofy, but also dumb.

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