Recent Record Review: Andrew Combs - Canyons of My Mind

by Logan Lanphere (First Avenue Marketing Intern)

Nashville based singer-songwriter Andrew Combs is back this year with his third studio album, Canyons of My Mind, a vibrant americana record layered with Combs’ political insight. The album is perfect for a gloomy day when you’re in the mood to do some thinking.

Most tracks tend to have a somber vibe to them, and Combs doesn’t hesitate to comment on his own transgressions as well as society’s as a whole. Throughout the album the most impressive aspect is Combs’ vocal style and the way he eloquently explores his thoughts from track to track. The honesty of his writing combined with his convincing tone are especially evident in “Dirty Rain.”

Not every track on here is a downer, “Rose Colored Blues” features a little more instrumentation than the others with sweet, twangy folk melodies backing Combs. It’s a more energetic side for him, but it still holds on to the consistant mood of the record. This is where the album stretches out a bit, adding some energy and taking the record to a bigger place instrumentally. In fact, the very next track, “Better Way,” is one of the best of the entire piece.

Andrew Combs takes his stripped down folk act to another level on Canyons of My Mind as he explores the inner workings of his mind in a cathartic third effort. Electric guitar solos are sprinkled lightly throughout, always leaving the listener anticipating the next one. Andrew Combs is coming soon to the Turf Club on July 6, don’t miss this emotional journey - get your tickets now!