By Emily Hoar

Ahead of their show in the Entry on Friday, January 13, we got to know Jon and Luke of Great Good Fine Ok:

Emily Hoar: Jon and Luke: legend has it that you wrote your first song the same night that you met. Can you tell us more about that night? What was it that sparked your creativity? 
Great Good Fine Ok: We actually met and became friends a couple years before we wrote the song, but we did write the song in one night on the night when we decided to try writing a song together. We had been talking about wanting to collaborate for a while. 

EH: What role does art play in your Brooklyn community? 
GGFO: There are SO many artists in Brooklyn that the “hustle mentality” is palpable. Everyone is working so hard pursuing their passions, and in most cases, making very little money. It creates an inspiring environment that makes everyone want to work harder. There is also so much diversity of kinds of people and ethnicities that it makes Brooklyn feel very open and free to all expression.

EH: What/who was your biggest art inspiration in 2016?
GGFO: So much of our inspiration comes for the idea of love, and in 2016 that subject was definitely highlighted. Needless to say, the political campaign made everyone think about the significance of love and what it really means. We also lost so many great artists this year…Prince, Bowie, George Michael…definitely inspires us to live up to their greatness and continue to add meaningful music to the world.