Monday: Kristin Diable

Kristin Diable has been exploring freedom and choice in her music ever since she picked up an open mic at a lounge in Baton Rouge and stunned the audience into silence. She rode that vibe, away to New York and then back to her native Louisiana like a storm front, one that shook New Orleans and cooled the air. And her newest album, Create Your Own Mythology, invokes her Louisiana and Americana roots, while firing a rock-and-roll shot across the bow of borrowed myths.

Sounds like: Haley Bonar, Chastity Brown, Robert Ellis


Tuesday: Sam Outlaw

Sam Outlaw is a southern Californian singer-songwriter steeped in the music and mythos of west coast country, absorbing the classic vibes of everything from '60s Bakersfield honky-tonk to '70s Laurel Canyon troubadour pop and refashioning them into a sound that's pleasurably past, present and future tense. His latest album is titled, Angeleno.

Sounds like: Sturgill Simpson, Kelsey Waldon, Andrew Combs


Wednesday: Prinze George

Prinze George is producer/instrumentalist Kenny Grimm and lyricist/vocalist Naomi Almquist. The band's namesake comes from Prince George's County, MD, where Naomi and Kenny both grew up.Five months after posting their first song on Soundcloud, they posted another single, "Victor" that managed to soar to the top of the Hype Machine charts with no promotion, that gained the duo instant attention from fans, labels, and musicians from all over the world.

Sounds like: Great Good Fine Ok, ASTR, Holychild

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Thursday: Whale in the Thames - Release Party

The Whale in the Thames is a band built of rock, wood, liquid and love. Formed in 2011 when 6 friends got together for a private underground reunion jam, songs sung in french, english and gibberish flowed from their own roots of respect and reality. The idea to bring these songs aboveground came after the departure of the dear Snowflake creating a successful solo career in her one woman band, The Without-You's. Now is their time to shine!

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Friday: Beat the Heat

Official Even Furthur Pre-Party, BadNraD Album Release Party, A Forbidden Bazaar 4 Year Anniversary, and a Bondesque Lingerie Unleashed!

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Mainroom set times: Entry set times:
9:00pm The Nightstalker
9:45pm Monostatic
10:30pm Woody McBride
11:30pm BadNraD
12:15am Darksiderz
1:15am DJ Noise
9:00pm Zenn
10:00pm Evolve
11:00pm Spac3case
12:00am Subgrinder
1:00am Flinx


Saturday: Kick - Release Show

Yesterday, a couple of likely lads finished their exams and walked into the smiling streets of St. Paul. Skipping almost virginlike (and armed with guitars and drums no less) Jake, Kyle, and Ojay ran footlong into an abandoned 1977 Chrysler Cordoba. What happened next, no one knows. What we do know is that in 0.15 seconds they were seen fishtailing into the best part of the future's past, atop wailing riffs all but forgotten. Young, old, ancient, and winking, they're not stopping. It's rock and roll.

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Sunday: Colin Campbell & The Shackletons

The Shackletons are a band of Stillwater, MN. Raised on a steady diet of local rock and blues, the brothers grew up spending late nights at places like First Avenue dreaming of making music. In addition to 19 year old Colin who sings, writes and plays guitar; the Shackletons include older brother Cameron on bass and 15 year old Evan who mans the drums and keyboards.

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